Nearby Resorts in Bangalore


Nearby resorts in Bangalore are for those who need a staycation clubbed with some adventure activities at arm’s length. Places are opening up. People are stepping out. Governments are easing restrictions gradually. Since the lockdown happened, the rebellious nature in us unleashed. It’d be a lie to assume it did not exist already. We became children again. We all know people who barely stepped out of their houses, complain about not being able to do so. The anxiety stemmed from the fear of the unknown. What the future holds for us. Most importantly, the government imposed those restrictions. We thought they knew what was going on. Turns out, we needed more time than we expected. The virus kept getting stronger and kept affecting people’s lives, health, world-over.

Countries followed the lockdown rule like some social media trends one after the other and the whole world was indoors. Some made the most of it, while for some it was a fight for survival and time for being resilient before they meet their loved ones once again. The world came together and did the impossible. Scientists made the vaccine available for us in less than a year, whereas, vaccines take no more than three years to develop.

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In our lives, we are afraid of a lot of things, but fear of the future always takes the cake. Our future affects those around us, and their future affects our personal lives. Reason being, we follow the criterion that has been followed world-over. We save. Whatever we have — money, food, clothes, gifts, you’d be surprised to find out, even surprises. We save surprises for special occasions. We leave holidays and leaves for special dates. Special dates are saved as reminders, and reminders are saved, so we plan better.

Some of our best stories are saved for those we believe will enjoy the most. We hold onto the best holidays for special people. We even have groups we save certain music for, so we’d feel accepted for the unique taste in music. As we know from our very recent experience, reckless saving mostly also means hoarding. People do it out of compulsion. Some people also call it documenting on social media to not come across as a hoarder.

Yet another title

Hoarding is something the first-world countries had to deal with on a massive scale. For some people, it became a tool to combat loneliness while in isolation. A reason for survival. We became so attached to the idea of the “end of the world” that we stopped believing and started making decisions without thinking of others. People became hoarders (even in India) just for the fun. Because everyone else was doing it. It started an alternate trend that extended to travelling, shopping, investing, and living.

Revenge travelling came into full force when the state governments started lifting restrictions one by one. Someone who hated travelling, meaning, travelling for them only meant going to their grandma’s house to the outskirts, started travelling extensively because they had been hunkered in their apartments for a long time. Many nearby resorts in Bangalore reported a rise in the booking from locals and guests outside the states. Resorts make for great weekend getaways with friends and colleagues. The age-old culture of celebrating at a resort with your fellow employees and team members needs to slowly come back as we make our way out of the Pandemic.

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Many budget resorts in Bangalore offer a gamut of facilities at an affordable package. The tariff also includes flashlight games and adventure activities. For startups, it is a bonanza. They are small companies built by aspiring entrepreneurs wishing to make it big in their respective industries. Startup cultures embrace the ‘Work hard and party Harder’ mantra, making them the most attractive industry for employees to work in or start their careers in. The startup ecosystem in Bangalore is the biggest and only grows every year. In fact, in 2020, Bangalore registered 805 startups, more than any city in the world had registered, that too during the pandemic. Bangalore, the Mecca of startups. For many years and now, reasons, including the open-mindedness of people to accept new ideas and employees willing to give their time.

Youth of the country get ample opportunities to try their hands at numerous jobs before they reach the age of 20, unlike people from the late 90s or early 2000s. MNCs and Government jobs are not the only spaces to look for well-paid and secured jobs. Some start-ups have dropped the education requirements from their hiring policies, so they are open to scout raw talents from across the country.

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Motivation to work and have a successful career in your line of interest is more than it was ever before. People want to go out and be with other people. They wish to be with friends and make new friends. We need the best for our families, always. Whether it is in the form of lifestyle, way of living, spending, wearing clothes, and going on outings. However, start-ups are not like other jobs. They are different from regular jobs. At times, employees need to work longer hours to keep up with the deadlines. They have to put in more effort than employees in any other industry, but the rewards are greater, the challenges get easier to overpower. The manpower gets larger as the company grows. The fun times get better, bigger, and more fun. Employees are more frequent to parties, and team outings in nearby resorts in Bangalore.

You can find some of the best resorts with wonderful facilities and top-notch amenities within 50 kms from Bangalore.

Nearby Resorts in Bangalore for weekends

The Gari Resort

Gari Resort serenades just outside Bangalore city. Cosy and peaceful: adjectives that come to mind when you experience it first hand. Makes for the perfect weekend getaway with the family. It has a surprisingly long swimming pool for adults and a separate pool for children. It is an ideal place to spend with your friends. There is a gamut of games and activities within the property that a visitor can involve in while they are enjoying their stay in The Gari Resort, the most budget-friendly resort in Bangalore.

Packages start from Rs. 1199 for adults. For children, Rs. 599.

  • The Gari Full package:
    • Rs. 1699 per adult and Rs. 849 per child.
      • Duration: 09 am to 10 pm.
      • Package includes:
      • Seven adventure activities, six low rope hanging activities and archery.
      • Pool access, rain dance, use of standard facilities of the resort.

For more information on the facilities and amenities in The Gari Resort, click here.

Gari Resort is also involved in making arrangements for family occasions. Indian families love to party and celebrate. We just need a reason to celebrate. No matter how small. Bigger reasons lead to bigger celebrations, and each occasion comes with its own taste buds. Gari understands this and the value each one of them holds in our lives. We are every bit serious about our family events and want our money’s worth at all costs. Even one slight glitch or guffaw is embarrassing when you are in a company of 100 people. Leave the stress aside. Make Gari your home for all the events in your family and outings with your teammates.

All you need is the number of guests and the occasion and theme, the resort management will do the rest, starting from decoration, seating arrangements, hospitality, food, welcoming guests, and organizing event-related games and activities. The Gari package is available at a discount for all kinds of celebrations and gatherings. Get your quote today..

RD’s Nature Retreat Resort

Address: # 83, Bannerghatta Road, Shivanahalli Village, Ragi Halli Post, Jigani Hobli Anekal, Taluk, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083.

Packages start from Rs. 2,200

Located in the middle of the forest, RD’s nature Resort is yet another gem in Bangalore’s crown. If you’re looking for a relaxing weekend, RD’s nature retreat should be your destination this weekend. This resort, as its name suggests, is set in natural settings and is ideal for nature lovers. Besides being the safe harbour for people needing some fresh air and a retreat away from the commotion of the city, it offers a list of activities that can keep you busy all day long.

Apart from making your time magical within the property, RD’s nature resort offers camping packages that include meals and various outdoor activities for adults and children. Book a tent for yourself and your friends and family and feast on the complimentary services available to you. There are different pools for adults and children. It is one of the best resorts for family outings. Mainly because it has a family-friendly environment.

For packages, click here

The Cassava Retreat

Address: No 144/5, 145/3, O B Chudanahally Road Off Kanakapura Road Vaderahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560062

Packages start from R. 2,200.

The Cassava Resort is easily the most reasonable, family-friendly, and pocket-friendly resort in Bangalore. The list just keeps going on. The resort is within 50 kms from Bangalore and welcomes all kinds of crowds. The resort is known for family gatherings and team outing events for corporates and start-ups. The comprehensive packages for camping, day outing, and corporate makes it an ideal place to spend between sunrise and sundown.


  • Luxury A/C rooms:
    • Price: Rs. 2000 per person.
    • Price includes:
    • Access to the swimming pool.
    • Rain Dance.
    • Use of standard facilities of the resort.
    • Seven adventure activities.
    • Six low rope activities.
    • Archery.
    • Lunch, Hi-tea, and Dinner.
    • Timing: 1 pm to 11 am.

It is anointed as one of the best nearby resorts in Bangalore for team outings by happy customers who visit with colleagues. Since the lockdown, the resort has gone through a tremendous clean-up and is finally ready for all kinds of business, even better than before. The accommodations feature different types of rooms. The more exotic, AC rooms, or, a little fun-filled, camping with friends.

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Jain Farms

Address: Nacoda Arcade, 3rd Floor, #59/1, DVG Road, Basavanagudi. Bangalore — 560004.

Packages start from Rs. 750.

It is not easy to find time for holidays. It is certainly not easy to find a perfect escape away from the turmoil and cacophony constantly devouring us from inside and out. Sometimes you have to go easy on the Friday night plans and take the road less travelled. You have to access nature in its purest forms. It may not be possible to go to your own hometown at times, but it is surely possible to visit somewhere quiet and sleep under the bed of stars.

The Jain farms, which are set within the gorgeous countryside, are yet another excellent resort in Bangalore for a day adventure. The calm place nearby Bangalore is ideal for relaxing and taking in the magnificent air and scenery. The beautiful vegetation on the grounds, together with the large selection of activities available, make for one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have.

The property is also a hotspot to hold family events and weekend getaways with your significant other. It is like going back to your roots for some people. You can experience farming, eat fresh vegetables that were cultivated on the farm itself. Jain Farms offer accommodations according to your requirements. They also have an open amphitheatre. The place is surrounded by green vegetation all around.

For more information on Jain Farms, click here.

Some of the best resorts barely make it to Google because of various known and unknown algorithm reasons. Nearby resorts in Bangalore are the go-to spots for travellers and peace-seekers of Bangalore. Families enjoy their time here just as well as bachelors. The resorts above follow the COVID-19 guidelines with utmost precautions. The swimming pools are clean and activities have recently been given green flags by the management and the authorities. If you are someone who needs a bit of quiet and in need to get involved in physical activities, then you are in for a great time.