Concealed in natural beauty, composed along lush greenery, The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road is one of the best resorts in Kanakapura Road, where you wouldn’t think twice before howling “Stay with Nature”. Brimming with coconut groves and landscaped gardens, The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road resort is set in the lap of nature with exceptional levels of personalized service.

Set with a holistic itinerary for a perfect outing with your friends, family or colleagues, the packages are designed with unique concept in accordance with individual taste and preference. Couple it with the picturesque surroundings and you feel so close to the homespun, natural world without losing the touch of contemporary luxuries.

For those who wish to associate with nature while enjoying a day long activities, this is the perfect place to be. The resort’s wide variety of cuisine is a treat to the senses with an affordable pricing, hosting the best team outing around Bangalore.


Day Outing

Price Starting from Rs. 1199*



Price Starting from Rs. 2399*

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Included)


Price Starting from Rs. 2099*

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Included)


Address : 211, Banandaru Village, Itamadu Post, Bidadi, Mysore Road, Bangalore 562109 Karnataka

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Address : Doddaballapura, North Bangalore,
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The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road Activities

What do we offer?

The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road also has an extensive event calendar with fun-to-do activities promising to give you the best team outing in Kanakapura Road in terms of experience. The activities gets more and more interesting as the day passes by which should not be missed for cheerful outing escapade.

When compared to all the other budget resorts in Kanakapura Road for team outing, The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road stands which is suitable for all ages. The place is apt for those who love to relish dewy mornings, birds chirping and cool breeze followed by a scrumptious breakfast.

Every activities that are provided in the resort are tested by the professional team and is safe to perform. We make sure to put you in the safer hands while you get the most of the cheerful experience in every petite thing you do at the resort.

Few of the most exciting activities that will mark a memorable outing are as follows:

For people who are in search of the best places for corporate team outing in Kanakapura Road, The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road tops the checklist to meet all the requirements with an exceptional faculty. It is an ideal outing destination for a weekend escapade or a family holiday or a day outing as The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road is among the top resorts for team outing in Kanakapura Road.

Resorts in Bangalore for Team Outing:

Bangalore is among an extremely liveliest and vibrant cities which has provided shelter for numerous migrants who travel from various parts of the nation seeking employment opportunities. The city is one of the most distinctive and liveliest cosmopolitan cities which is also known for entertainment and leisure. It is a no secret that the city has plethora of IT companies and startups with busy work life. The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road is a perfect place to unwind yourself, relax and to enjoy the perks of a holiday with your loved ones and colleagues. The resort team makes it possible for every guests as it is one of the best places for team outing in Kanakapura Road.

The resort offers an unmatched outing experience with luxury facilities prompting them to choose this place again and again for their one day team outing in Kanakapura Road. Also the place is equipped with spacious rooms, dormitory and camping accommodations that defines the true meaning to its tagline “Stay with Nature.

Team outings or family outings are an opportunity for people to engage in fun, out-of-the-box activities that will help the personality grow in areas like communication and collaboration. Especially when you are spending time with your loved ones at one of the best budget resort in Kanakapura Road, only good vibes are supposed to be spread.

You can get to experience one of the most nature made escapade right at the heart of the city which will definitely fit the budgets for all who are aspiring to have a luxury holiday as we fantasize to be among the popular team outing Place in Bangalore.

In an extremely busy city like Bangalore, having some time off our busy work schedule and finding the right place for a relaxation is very difficult. The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road is here to provide you the best of holiday experience and is a perfect destination loaded with joyful activities. The resort is beautifully placed amidst lush greenery and aromatic gardens by being definitely the best team outing resorts in Bangalore. The city is very dearly known as the IT capital with numerous hard work professionals and it is very essential for them find a right place for relaxation. The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road hosts you with a very cheerful day which is not to be missed for a second chance.

The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road offers an excellent combination of team outing or corporate day outings and family outings with a wide range of activities. The resort team offers high grade adventure activities and games which are thoroughly monitored by the experts making the memories to be the most cheerful one for the guests. After a daylong activity it is time to make the tummy happy with the scrumptious meal that is offered with wide range of cuisines. The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road is an ideal day outing resort which fulfills the requirements of team outings and corporate gatherings.

The resort also offers luxury accommodation facilities with spacious rooms and dormitory which can host bunch of people for a fruitful holiday. The guests are assured of abundant of fun here mostly because of all the necessary ingredients for a good time are together in one location. The guest get to explore quality and variety with state of the art amenities and ample privacy. Gear up to plan your vacation in The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road to experience the service and adventure like no other among a swarm of unconditional benefits.

Bored of your monotonous stressful work life and wondering what to do on weekends?

Take a break and explore the city that you probably haven’t been able to do in the past few days. Kanakapura Road is a splendid region to spent a day off as it hosts plethora of luxury resorts which are best suitable for day outing and accommodations. Kanakapura Road is superiorly connected to various parts of the city with good roadways and is brilliantly accessible from NICE road. For people who want to run away from their chaotic work life and need some serene place to spend a relaxed leisure time with their loved ones, Kanakapura Road has it all with plenty of options.

This part of the city is successful in still retaining its old charm of Bangalore with lots of trees and greenery, giving a cool fresh breeze which is an outright delight to the senses. For people travelling from Bangalore amidst the dense traffic chaos, Kanakapura Road is an absolute bliss with numerous leisure options that is required to unwind the stressful minds. The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road is a true paramount destination that is placed at the backdrop of nature and is among the best resorts in Kanakapura Road. The resort is loaded with fun activities and relaxation zones which helps to destress the minds and motivates guests for an energetic schedule. The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road is among the top luxury resorts of Kanakapura Road and is one of the most sought after resorts in Kanakapura Road among corporates and families.

Team Outing in Kanakapura Road:

The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road, an exclusive team outing destination, situated just 25 kms away from the city center on Kanakapura Road is a destination with par excellence. The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road is a true destination for corporate outings and is among the best resorts for team outing in Kanakapura Road, placed far from the hustle and bustle of the monotonous metropolitan lifestyle. The resort is an exemplary location to escape from the concrete city life and to find some solace in the lap of nature. The resort offers maximum comfort and convenience with all the luxury facilities required for a cherishable team outing, where one can experience the taste of exclusivity.

The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road provides the right blend of hospitality and opulence which is committed to achieve excellence by offering state of the art facilities to the guests. The resort is carefully crafted amidst the beautiful lush greenery and aromatic gardens which sets the ambience right for a day spent with utmost serenity. The place welcomes you with cool breeze from the palms and the soft sounds produced from the pool is what awakens your sense as you step inside the resort. The resort truly defines the meaning of tranquilly as it is said in the tagline “Stay with Nature”.

Kanakapura Road is one of the most sought after place by the corporates for outings as the locality is filled with plethora of leisure options with word class facilities. But finding the right place that offers you exactly that’s there in your mind for a fun filled outing experience with your team mates is an absolute challenge. The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road offers ample number of unique recreational activities, swimming pool for both adults and kids, rain dance and many more making it the most preferred resorts for team outing in Kanakapura Road. The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road is truly an upbeat destination which ensures to rejuvenate the urbanites in your team.