Best Adventure Resorts in Bangalore for Day Outing

For the most fun-filled adventure trips, you can rely on some of the best Adventure Resorts in Bangalore for your day outing purpose.  These resorts will involve you in some fabulous activities and sports that will take your spirit to a different level. You will feel the rejuvenation and joy with laughter that will truly ignite in you the feeling of happiness and the big change that you have been seeking for a long time.  Try out these best-assured weekend getaways adventure resorts and boost the fun element in you.  

These are ideal places with adventure activities that offer an overwhelming ambiance with comfortable stay packages with luxurious and modern amenities. There are budget resorts too that will set out a perfect one-day pleasure to boost your spirit to a great level.  Below are some of the best adventure resorts in Bangalore for day-outing.

The Gari Resort-

The Gari Resort in Bangalore is one of the best options to enjoy with your family and colleagues. it has ample of recreational and leisure options that will indulge you in a fun-filled holiday with your family and co-workers. You can have a great time full of laughter and joy that will keep you occupied with the many indoor and outdoor sports and activities. Also, engaging you with a beautiful swimming pool, delicious cuisines, and exciting activities.

Distinctive Features-

  • The Gari Resort is an entertaining and very delightful place to visit with your family and office co-workers.
  • It is a nature resort located in the pristine environs of Bidadi on Mysore Road in Bangalore.
  • It is a budget-friendly resort that offers day-outing facilities and activities that will help you get relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • It welcomes you with a fresh breeze from the coconut trees and mango groves, providing a very tranquil environment for a well-spent day.
  • It has an abundant open space for adventure activities, day outings, and fun-filled leisure events.
  • Vegetarian as well as Non-Vegetarian food is offered in the resort.


The Gari Resort can easily accommodate 200 people for a stayover.

  • Luxury Swiss Cottage- 6 cottages with 6 people in each cottage, 36 people can be accommodated here.
  • Dome Cottages- 5 cottages, 24 people can be accommodated here.
  • Dormatary- 2 Dorms, 30 people can be accommodated here.
  • Tent Stay- 100 people can be accommodated here.

Advantages of staying in The Gari Resort-

  • This beautiful resort is situated in the middle of nature consisting of wedding venues, birthday party places, conference rooms, team outings with night games, and various sports.
  • Perfect weekend destination for family and friends.
  • Offers best conference rooms for team outings.
  • Offers Swimming and Rain Dance.
  • Offers many adventure activities.
  • Offers 4 different packages for a day and is a great day-outing resort in Bangalore.
  • Located on the outskirts of Bangalore near Bidadi.
  • Nestled in the lush green environment surrounded by Chikko, Mangoes, and Coconut trees all around the place.
  • Budget-friendly resort in Bangalore that offers many activities and farmhouse stays.
  • Great place for a one-day outing or a night-stay.
  • Adventure sports activity resort just 30 minutes drive from Bangalore.

Area 83-

An amazing and well-renowned adventure Resort in Bangalore is Area 83. It offers some exciting adventure sports activities that will instill great enthusiasm and energy in you. It offers a blend of adventure activities along with other sports activities. You can experience a blend of the thrill of adventure and the tranquility of nature at the same time. A must-visit sports and adventure resort where you can enjoy and relax at the same time.

For a weekend full of electrifying experiences and adventure sports activities, find below the following: –

  • Bubble Soccer
  • Paint Ball
  • Archery Tag
  • Tree Climbing
  • Human Foosball
  • Dirt Cart
  • Meltdown
  • Giant Swing
  • Water Cycle
  • Sky Swing
  • Kayaking
  • Low Rope Course
  • Keypunch
  • Magic Turtle
  • Pipeline
  • Pyramid Builder

A must-try resort that will elate your spirit and benefit you with extreme optimism and the goodness of peace of mind.  With the many options to discover joy along with stay packages that will infuse energy and happiness in you with the many offers and facilities that you can benefit from.  These stay packages involve team, corporate, wedding, and individual packages with the great goal of identifying the best options for euphoria. Accommodations include suite rooms, chalets, and villa houses that offer high -end luxurious yet very inspiring experiences.

 It also offers a separate and very dreamy wedding destination with a stunning lake backdrop and idyllic scenery. The stunning venue ensures the best of arrangements and a wide range of amenities where you can enjoy your ceremonies with great pleasure, elegance, style, and support from the team. Additional provisions are made for the guests to feel welcomed, comfortable, and special. Further to this, for special guests who prefer solitude, the venue provides for them special spaces where they can enjoy tranquility and silence with the most breathtaking, divine surroundings. 

Camp Vama-

Looking out for some of the best adventure resorts near Bangalore, then you must try Vama Retreats. Especially for travel bloggers who like to spend most of their time outside on the roads, especially after the pandemic. Once you decide to travel towards the Vama Retreats, you can think of capturing some very picturesque pictures of open spaces and a big gazebo. Venturing towards Camp Vama, you can get to experience the most lived innovation that will cast off any negative energies that you may be surrounded with. With fun-filled and refreshing activities, it will activate your innate qualities and ensure a high level of discipline in you.

Specially designed luxury cottages with refreshing hospitality experience and unique food menu that offers a mix of regional flavors that helps in balancing the health aspect too. Camp Vama is a very organized and prosperous military-based adventure and sports resort in Karnataka state that mainly focuses on team building, and organizational and leadership development activities.  With a lot of resilience and mindful activities, it offers adventure cum team collaboration activities and leadership lessons that explain valuable life lessons and skills to potentially overcome self-limitations of the mind.

At Camp Vama, specially organized boot camps for kids 8-18 years of age are being organized imparting lessons for survival, social skills, and military discipline that are not taught either at school or at home. With memorable and lively summer camps and field trips the children feel elated and also get to learn so much, benefiting them in the long run. Participating in fun activities that you will enjoy including adventure sports and much more to learn from will leave you only optimistic and fresh.