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Sometimes the world approves what you do. Sometimes it doesn’t approve a single thing we try. Especially, when we make difficult choices and try to shape and adjust our reality based on those choices. It takes a toll on our mental health. At times, it gets evident on our face, expressions, and our day to day behaviour. Our friends, more […]

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Introduction We have plenty of time to make peace, only if we try it – with ourselves and with people we once trust but don’t or with people we are angry at. We have the ability to back to our original feelings for people in places when we choose to have a change of environment. The one that feels as […]

Resorts near Ramanagara Bangalore

Before we talk about visiting best resorts near Ramanagara Bangalore for stay, let us tell you why it is the most famous piece of land in that part of Bangalore. Ramanagara has become a place of reconciliation. In Bangalore, not many neighbourhoods offer that. It is adorned with fun places to hang out with your lot of friends and colleagues. […]

Five-Star Resorts near Bangalore

There are five-star resorts near Bangalore: sounds fancy until you dig deep and find the most interesting activities offered by them. Then, it is even fancier and something to look forward to. It happens to the most of us. We need holidays. We need time to recuperate. It happens almost every time our mind gets exhausted and sends early signs […]

Beach Resorts near Bangalore

A state of serenity “I can do this all day” is what you hear yourself saying as you take a sip of that piña colada on your shack and gaze at the deep blue sky over you at one of the beach resorts near Bangalore. Cherry on cake if you have your favourite booking by your side. To make the […]

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The easiest way to make someone laugh is to compliment them on their appearance. Most people see positive approach as funny because, receiving compliments is uncomfortable for them. Our responsiveness to compliments demonstrates our self-esteem and deep feelings of self-worth. Compliments are great. We should give them often and recklessly. However, they can make people with low self-esteem feel uneasy […]

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Imagine waking up in the coolest part of the town with your besties by your side, preparing to jump in the pool early in the morning, and then lined up for a flurry of other activities for the day. Resorts in and around Bangalore, well-equipped peripheral places to just not attend calls and look at any electronic devices. This has […]

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Introduction Dogs are man’s best friends. It is no secret that they understand emotions just as clearly as humans. If you don’t trust this, yawn when your dog is around and notice them returning the favour. Dogs detect magnetic fields. The next time you are out with your family in a hotel, or Resorts near Bangalore for night stays, and […]

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Introduction Nearby resorts in Bangalore are for those who need a staycation clubbed with some adventure activities at arm’s length. Places are opening up. People are stepping out. Governments are easing restrictions gradually. Since the lockdown happened, the rebellious nature in us unleashed. It’d be a lie to assume it did not exist already. We became children again. We all […]