Five ways travelling can help you cope with life.

Five ways travelling can help you cope with life.

If you have reached this SPACE then you definitely believe in the concept of time travel or at least in Deja Vus. Science says time travel could be possible in the future if we are able to harness gravity. For years, we have been fascinated with the idea of time travel. To experience time differently: at the speed of light. The first person to ever fall asleep would have thought the same thing, I wonder.

There have been roughly 5,000 theories that suggest we can travel into the future to see how far in our lives we have gone in achieving the dreams we set out to achieve. Or, travel back to our past and change the course of history that we didn’t like or wanted removed from the face of the earth for it had been a haunting, troublesome memory for our present self. Not to forget the number of movies and series they have made where a nerdy professor or a scientist builds a time machine to travel through time to expand his knowledge of the future world and ends up getting in serious troubles.

Many say that altering past events will disrupt the space-time continuum and could be disastrous, resulting in the end of the world. Hence, visiting your past life through a time machine would not be a sensible idea. In fact, altering events from your past would also mean that you haven’t lived fully and feel the need to change something instead of taking the right lessons from it and growing to be a better person.

Until science figures out a way to travel in the past or future without changing the reality, the best way to experience time differently, at various speeds, is to travel. Travelling somewhere you have not been before and espouse the local culture, cuisine, and clothing is pretty much the experience we always want to go back to at some point in the future.

Photo credit: Dhanesh Achari

To look at the mountains or listen to the stream running through its feet with the same eyes that usually stare at the computer screen for hours at length, to share a meal with a complete stranger at a restaurant serving mouth-watering local cuisine and have something in common with them is nothing short of a miracle if not something on the lines of the time passing at a different rate.

There are too many benefits of traveling. Ones that change us on a surface level and the ones that change how we perceive life.

Without getting too scientific about it, let me take you through some of the most interesting things that happen to you right from the moment you decide to go to a place, start packing your bags, and begin travelling, to experiencing it.

We develop a different perspective.

Travelling is a cathartic experience. There is an event planner in all of us who is waiting to be given an opportunity which comes from travelling.

The minute you decide a holiday is a must, you start seeing everything in a new light and fresh eyes because there is actually something to look forward to other than the mundane engagements of daily life. Morning alarms are not annoying anymore and boss’s censure becomes a sweet-sounding Veery song. You Bob around the house and finish the chores, putting your life at the centre stage to the point where your investment is not just financial but emotional.

Positivity persists in the face of conflict. All the adrenaline and excitement kicks in when you are actually looking forward to the trip. Our lives start revolving around the things to pack and things to leave, checking up on our friends to see if they found something different worth seeing, constant weather checks, the local cuisine, places to see, and places to stay are some choicest distractions.

Feeds our creativity.

History says that artists that made great art always loved travelling. Take Vincent Van Gogh for example. Travelling affected Van Gogh deeply. He travelled through all of Europe and painted his masterpieces, wandering around different city landscapes. All his historic paintings that were deemed worthless in his life, are now hard to put a price tag to even after a century.

Travelling influenced artists, not only physically, but emotionally to create a new form of art which are now known as genres. You don’t realise what you are missing unless you embark on a journey of self discovery through travelling.

Spending time somewhere new, learning their culture and tradition shows that there is a world outside our knowing. There are people who don’t speak the same language we do, eat the food we may have never heard of. With exploring new places we realise there are patterns to discover, colours to mix, and words to find and that brings us to the next point.

Travelling makes you smarter.

Whether it’s a day long trip or a weekend getaway or even a week long activity, be prepared to learn something new. In a country where the language changes every five miles, the fact that you will have no assistance to help you get through that language barrier with somebody is a whole new experience. When you both don’t understand each other yet willing to help by trying to find a common ground is what prepares us to deal with difficult situations in our lives.

Helps understand the world better.

In each part of the country whether down south or far up north, there are people that will teach you something about life that you will not know until that point, just by showing how they deal in theirs with what they have.

The lessons we learn while dealing with the uncertainties and problems that you weren’t prepared for actually helps us to deal with life on a bigger scale. It helps us to deal with uncertainties in our daily life.

Memories. Memories. Memories.

Most of us have a habit of planning everything down to the minute, leaving no room for our whims to get the better of us but life doesn’t work that way. As far as my experience with travelling is concerned, the most cherished memories I have, were the ones where I acted on a whim or an impulse – to dissolve the set plan and try something new for a change.

The places that I planned will still be in my photo albums but the ones that had no plans to come into existence, would be etched in my memory for a long time and will remain special to me.

Memories are derived from our past experiences that in return help us make better choices and since we are emotionally connected to them they also influence our decision-making.

That being said, it is necessary to plan your travel in advance to find out if the weather suits you and the amount of winter/summer Clothes/medication you may need to carry in order to keep your health in check. A lot of us are susceptible to different conditions. Therefore, it is best to stay equipped to deal with such situations.


You are going to work everyday, following the same routine, ordering the same drinks to wash off the day’s stress. The news on TV is THE SAME OLD MANURE. FULL OF PEOPLE WHO SHOUT AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS OVER TRIVIAL THINGS THAT WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR LIFE ONE BIT and turning to Netflix has its limitations. The time you spend on Netflix is not the actual time you end up doing something productive unless you are catching up on Documentaries or horror movies. Then, the whole night is spent wondering which corner of the wall it might be hanging on to show itself to me.

So, get on the internet and google some great places within 100 kms from the city to chill. Given the situation we are in, possibilities to travel outside the state is not recommended but the good thing is seeing that waterfall or going up the hill to catch the sunrise is possible within the state if we take precautions seriously.