Resorts with outdoor activites near Bangalore.

Resorts with outdoor activites near Bangalore.

While the festival of light is upon us, we have more free time than we ever had to spend with our family and parents – for some it’s been years since college when we got to spend time with our folks, area friends, and bond with children in the house along with close relatives. Family day outing in Bangalore during Diwali holidays would be an icing on the cake since some lucky ones are still allowed to work from home to some degree.

As we understand Diwali is not the same this year because of the ban on firecrackers due to amplifying cases of Covid across the state of Karnataka, there are several alternatives you can invest on by taking your family on long weekend vacation, preferably a resort.

A place where children can enjoy a bit of running, lifting, falling, and carrying objects from one place to another. Not necessarily in that order because children don’t understand order or structure in which things are supposed to be done and that is where they learn to understand the order and the method to madness which supports them for the rest of their lives. Outdoor activities are the best contributors in building children’s physical and mental health.

So take your family on a long weekend getaway in resorts with interesting outdoor activities.

Malgudi Farm Resort.

Distance: 47 kms from Majestic.

Time to reach: On average, an hour and a half.

Not sure about you but every time I hear the name, Malgudi, I am taken back to my childhood and immediately the soundtrack plays in my head, and continues to play all day long. The melodic track brings back the hidden memories of our days as kids and how we always waited for the programme to come on TV.

There are plenty of places that give out the farmhouse like vibe but built within city corridors. This place is beautifully located in Orohalli, away from the city. Outdoor activities are limited and come in the form of domestic animals and birds waking you from sleep to see the sunrise.

They have cottages bedecked with Warley paintings on the outside perfectly summarising our Indian culture and an inimitable modern day luxury on the inside. Kids will definitely have a great time seeing the animals in their natural habitat and cattle feeding. While the adults will enjoy the food made with home grown vegetables.

The people who run the place like to call it a farm stay instead of a resort since it is situated in the middle of a village. They are also coming up with animal husbandry and plan to add a few more activities.

Price: starts from 5,000 for a night’s stay.

To read more about them: click here.

Angana – The courtyard.

Distance: 28 kms from Majestic

Time to reach: On average, an hour.

Angana is what happens when a civil engineer sets on a mission to mix simplicity and luxury, keeping the age old architectural design in mind that are warm, authentic and unique to South India.

It is a family run enterprise that is Managed by Mr. M Shashidhar and his two daughters who are in to creative domain and help him with the business.

City dwellers who always get nostalgic about going back to their old homes with a basil plant in the middle where grandmas was the first to wake early in the morning to water the plants and light a diya around it with a rangoli during Diwali, it would not only light up our hearts but left a long lasting memory that we will always hold dear.

Surrounded by the plant was a veranda that stretched to eventually convert in to rooms on the four sides. People who still seek such solace, will find this place to be reaching the closest to those houses from our childhood. In fact, it does reach the design and interiors of those homes.

The rooms are made of mud just like the ones we grew up in our village. The walls at some places are unfinished for the sake of authencity. Take your kids to this delightful place so they know how the houses you grew up in looked like.

Facilities in Angana.

Angana Resort is a quaint place that has only excellence and authencity to offer to its visitors. It has games and activities that will keep your children occupied throughout the stay.

  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor Games.
  • Reading library
  • Outdoor Badminton
  • Children’s play area
  • Conference Room
  • Price for a standard room: Rs. 7000 for a night’s stay.
  • Price for a cottage room: Rs. 8250 for a night’s stay.
  • Children above six: Rs. 1625 per kid.

For Adults:

  • Exfoliate
  • Have a massage
  • Visit the ashram
  • Do nothing

The Gari Resort.

Distance: 17 kms from Majestic.

Time to reach: On average, forty minutes.

The Gari Resort is graciously located in Bidadi for those in search of some privacy and quiet with their family. It is a perfect abode for a corporate team outing near Bangalore as well. Parents who love their kids to roam around freely and look at the night sky from the safety of their camping tents will find this place to be suitable.

There are endless activities for kids to become a part of starting from playing area, park, swimming pool to indoor activities such as table tennis, Chess, carrom, and magic shows.

Outdoor activites for kids.

  • Low rope activities
  • Archery
  • Human Foosball
  • Volleyball
  • Outdoor Badminton
  • Mini Football
  • Cricket
  • Burma Bridge
  • Zip line

Since children would love camping and watching the midnight stars, we recommend a camping package with a campfire and tents.

  • Price: Rs. 2128 per person (including tax)
  • Check in time: 01 pm
  • Check out time: 11 am
  • Price includes:
    • Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast
      Magic, Pottery, and mind reading (happens only on weekends)
    • Flood light games (complimentary only between Monday and Thursday) otherwise Chargeable at Rs. 699 per hour.
  • 10% discount if booked for more than 20 people.

Lastly, Gari is among the best resorts in Bangalore to visit with a larger group of people to avail discounts and complimentary services on visit. Escape from the humdrum of the city and take a walk alongside nature while bonding over games with your family.

Aadya Resort.

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Distance: 37 kms from Majestic

Time to reach: On average, one hour and thirty minutes.

Aadya Resort and Wellness centre is a nature situated in the heart of nature. As complicated as our individual lives are, Aadya makes it a point to offer the sweet sounds of birds, rustling of leaves, and the sound of silence in all its glory, that are enough to make our problems disappear even for a while allowing the mind to untangle itself from the survival mode it always stays in.

Aadya Resort is a den for those in search of zen in a world with a fear of missing out and while doing it actually reminds us that we and our problems are but a speck as compared to the universe where the blue ball is rolling endlessly.

During your stay, you will come across a 1000 home grown trees that only beautifies the place further. Besides offering scenic landscapes and a beautiful and serene ambience, they are also a eco-friendly place.

Facilities in Aadya Resort.

  • Conferencing
  • Indoor activities
    • Carrom
    • Table Tennis
    • Chess
    • Ludo
  • Swimming pool
  • Pottery
  • Bird watching
  • Ayurveda therapies and treatments.
  • Team Building Activities.
  • Outdoor activities.
    • Tennis
    • Badminton
    • Cricket
    • Play area for children
    • Basketball
    • Throwball
    • Volleyball

Accommodation in Aadya Resort.

  • Oak Valley Room:
    • Price: Rs. 4500 – Rs. 5000
  • Scarlett (Private room with garden)
    • Price: Rs. 13000 – Rs. 15000
  • English Oak Room:
    • Price: Rs. 4500 – Rs. 5000
  • Spruce: Double bedroom with a private garden.
    • Price: Rs. 5500 – Rs. 6500.
  • Dendron: Double bedroom cottage with a private garden.
    • Price: Rs. 5,500 – Rs. 6,500
  • Maple: Single bedroom cottage with a private garden.
    • Price: Rs. 4500 – Rs. 6500
  • Angel Oak: Single bedroom cottage with a private garden.
    • Price: Rs. 4,500 – Rs. 6,500
  • Bafna: Three bedroom Villa with a private garden.
    • Price: Rs. 9,000 – Rs. 12,000
  • Wisteria: Single bedroom cottage with a private garden.
    • Price: Rs. 4,500 – Rs. 6,500

Note: The prices may vary depending on the number of people occupying the room or cottage. For more queries, click here.

Parting note

These are some of the best budget Resorts in Bangalore. All the places have a strict Covid-19 policy. Guests should furnish a Government ID proof before commencing stay.
Children aged between 6 and 12 years are charged half the price and below the age of six, there are no charges.
Most of them have an in-house bar so they don’t allow outside beverages and eatables except Gari Resort.

Swimming costume is mandatory for using the swimming pool (Nylon / Polyester clothes are acceptable. Jeans or Salwar are not allowed). Please cooperate with the management so they can keep the water clean.

Most places don’t allow guests to step out of the premises once they have entered until check out, in order to keep the curb on the spread of the virus. Step out only if its an emergency. No exceptions are entertained unless it’s an emergency. All the rooms are sanitized and cleaned before and after assuring maximum safety to visitors.