The Gari Resorts

Adventure Activities

In addition to the fun activities, we have a host of adventures activities to sweep you off your feet. No, literally sweep you off your feet!

Immerse yourself in thrilling adventures with over 10 rides like Multi Vine, Burma Bridge, and Zip line. Your safety is on us. We will ensure you are well harnessed and geared up for the heart race. Click here to know more.

Multi Vine

Move across with the help of a single rope tied between two trees.

Burma Bridge

Challenge yourself by stepping on the bridge made fully of ropes.

Pipe Bridge

It will be a great day to take all your steps thoughtfully.

Balance Walk

Lift your arms to the side and cross the narrow path while your friends cheer.

Unstoppable Cross bridge

Boost your confidence by taking this challenge. Walk sideways using the dangling wooden swing.

Wood Cross

Get your adrenaline pumpin' by slowly making your way to the other side.

PG Ladder

Float in the air along with stairways under your feet.


Trust yourself and take the leap. While you are at it, take a selfie.

Single line Bridge

Swing along the rope lines one by one to get to the finish line.

Burma Bucket

Skip to fall, hop to rise while walking on a single thread of ropes layed out between trees.

Commando work

Unravel the fearless inside you and step on that rope as you own it.


Cross the series of literal triangles put together by ropes to overcome you fear of heights.


  1. * Images for representation purpose only. Original Images of this activities will be updated shortly.
  2. * Cost Per Adventure Activity Coupon Cost Rs. 250.
  3. * Zipline = One Adventure Activity Coupon.
  4. * For all Other activities: - One Adventure Activity Coupon = 4 Activities. Choose for any of the 13 activities below.
  5. *Pre Booking Discount Available Check with Booking Team.
  6. *Multiple Coupons can be purchased at the time of booking.