The Gari Resorts


Night Camping Resorts in Bangalore

Camping Tent

  • Floodlight Games: Friday to Sunday: Rs. 699 per hour. 7 PM to 10:30 PM. Cricket, volleyball, & indoor & outdoor badminton. Monday to Thursday: Complimentary.
  • Camp Fire: Complimentary.
Starting at Rs. 2,200 per person (Inclusive of GST)

* included Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Complimentary

Duration: 1PM to 11am

* Avail Up to 10% Discount. -- Monday to Thursday - Group Size 20+

The Gari Resort is a Beautiful nature camp very close to bangalore city. This place can accommodate upto 150 people and is suitable for corporate night stay . Packages include Dinner, breakfast and lunch with activities like flood light cricket , campfire or bonfire. We have a big swimming pool . Ideal for weekend camping, family , corporate and friends.

Outings are most fun when there is camping involved. It's one of those excursions that helps you connect with your friends, family, office colleagues, and mother nature on a deeper level. There is something primitive and ship-shape about the activity that is on display whenever someone says that they are going on camping. It takes us back to times when humans lived in the wilderness and used to light a fire by striking two stones together.

That's why, camping is mostly described as a survival activity because of the challenges it comes with. It has more to do with planning than to actually going on one because it involves picking a location which is ideal for a gathering and at the same time not too crowded to take away the experience.

Some of your office colleagues or friends might not be a camping person. Therefore, the place you pick should meet everyone's needs, and have the weather to cook outdoors. Most adrenaline junkies are involved in setting nature camp for the thrill and the sheer adventure of going away from the city life but for some people leaving their homes and their comfortable beds to start a campfire in the middle of nowhere can be unnerving since they are not used to sleeping inside a tent, in an open space. Hence, people are unwilling to make a decision about going on a night camping most of the times.

Plus, the pinging weather can be a setback sometimes, especially during monsoon and winter which a lot of people are not prepared for even if they are equipped. Not to forget the goofy friends who make the experience even more stressful by telling us ghost stories in the middle of the night at the camping tent.

You can totally and unequivocally lean on The Gari Resort to take charge and help you set- up a campfire near your tents, under the blanket of stars. We bring the glam and camp together to give you the most authentic glamping time of your lives. The nature camp near Bangalore stands true to its name and offers you an impeccable mix of forage and wilderness.

The place is 100 kms away from Bangalore city and is touted to be the best place for night camping by our visitors. The Gari Resort offers you an experience of camping along with a set-up of a resort. All the facilities and amenities are available at the stretch of the hand. So, head on a weekend camping trip to a resort near Bangalore with a campfire, The Gari Resort and take back with you memories of slow songs played near the camp sites under the twinkling stars.

Bangalore is a city where people are passionate about their jobs and serious about their holiday excursions. People here are always on the lookout for stirring manoeuvres that ignite strong fire-like reactions in them and a lot of times it includes mentally stimulating escapades like bonfire camping.

Camping can be the best outdoor activity when carried out with the right people. We don't know we need something until we actually end up doing it and with your team or friends getting involved, a lot of things automatically fall in place. We offer a safe and comfortable camping ambience that saves you a lot of difficulties that could occur otherwise.

If you wish to start a campfire, you are free to start a campfire, and play a duet on Guitar with your friends and get involved in the following:

Complimentary activities:

  • Magic Show & Mind Reading: Event only on Fridays & Saturdays at first come first serve basis.
  • Campfire.

Chargeable activities.

  • Pottery (available only on weekends)
  • Floodlight games (Cricket, volleyball, indoor and outdoor Badminton) (Duration: 07:30 pm - 10:30 pm.)

Note: All floodlight games are chargeable at Rs. 699 per hour on Fridays & Saturdays and public holidays, and can be availed for free on Weekdays.


  1. Prior Reservation / Booking Mandatory.
  2. Guests should produce valid Indian Govt. ID during Check-in ( Aadhar / PAN / Driving license / Voters ID / Passport ) . The Person booking should be above 21 years of age. Kids upto 12 years to be accompanied by parents. Declaration form to be signed prior check-in. Please read terms and conditions throughly.
  3. All prices mentioned above excludes applicable taxes.
  4. All kinds of outside beverages & eatables are strictly prohibited.
  5. Standard Facilities Includes: Swimming Pools / Mist Dance / Indoor & Out Door Games.
  6. Children Aged between 5 to 12 years charged at half price of adults package below 5 years is complimentary . Kids to be accompanied by an adult all time in the property , as management is not responsible for any damages , losses and accidents.
  7. Swimming Costume Nylon / Polyester wear Mandatory. (Towels to be carried)
  8. MC/PA system & Team Building Activities can be provided on request at additional Cost.