Resorts near Ramanagara Bangalore

Before we talk about visiting best resorts near Ramanagara Bangalore for stay, let us tell you why it is the most famous piece of land in that part of Bangalore.

Ramanagara has become a place of reconciliation. In Bangalore, not many neighbourhoods offer that. It is adorned with fun places to hang out with your lot of friends and colleagues. Ramanagara, a place where the legendary, the answer of Indian cinema to the western movies made in Hollywood, was filmed. Yes, you guessed in right. The set still exists. The area goes by the name ‘Sippy Nagar’ or ‘Sholay Hills’. Therefore, you can visit and re-enact the Gabbar and Sambha scene as a tribute. Or, maybe dance to the Hema Malini song while your friend tied to the pole.

What’s more fun is that you get an accommodation and enjoy going to other places. There are some really cool and affordable resorts near Ramanagara Bangalore. Some resorts are worth visiting once, while others are meant to be visited more than once. But, that idea is always lost on people who are looking to explore. Who want to do more, be more. Doing more always earns respect and shows reliability during the need of the hour. A superb adage that goes by, ‘Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.’

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That being said, there are limitations to what you can do more and what you cannot. The limitation comes from self-assessment. In knowing what you can do best, you have the freedom to avoid it. One cannot keep eating more, drinking more, getting overburdened by work, being unemployed for a long time. More of anything leads to dis-balancing the possibilities of challenges you might have to take up. At times, we need more because we see what fun others are having, and we hate that we have to keep doing things the same way day in and day out. We run out of everything we have under control.

Running out of time. Running out of luck. Couldn’t buy your favourite stock or let your friends know about them. Something intriguing about eagerly waiting for the next best thing. Our very nature is built around that thought or thoughts: to get more the next time. Always reflecting, self-auditing. You could be doing that as a professional employee, an athlete, or someone who wants to make more money, as an entrepreneur. An individual who is looking to improve their life and make peace with their past mistakes or decisions that lead to their situations.

It happens with entrepreneurs. They put their heart and soul in their passion projects. Make tons of adjustments, cut costs wherever necessary, and build on something they believe will work. In the process, most entrepreneurs make the mistake of hiring professionals that don’t get the objective or idea behind the project they are working for. Employees, being the original show runners of an organization, need to feel motivated at all steps, by the senior management.

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Many second-time founders understand this approach. It comes to them from experience. An employer who takes care of their employees, or a company who puts their employees first, give work-culture a different meaning. It takes a lot of burden off of an employee when they realize someone has their back when they make a mistake, and that someone is none other their own employer.

Mostly, a second-time founder, who is assertive enough to not make rash decisions that’ll prove to be a long-term impact on their brand, realizes the size of the need and the right amount of nurturing their employee might need. The founder has to think on their feet and finally come to an understanding that better management and employing the right people always goes a long way and indeed works in your favour.

How can you ascertain employee welfare?

Mere-exposure effect

The more they see you, the more they see your involvement. Most CEOs prefer not to market themselves because of personal or professional reasons. It could also be the risk of always being in the public eye. This is about being around employees and interacting with them. It makes the work easy. Their faith in the product and the company solidifies. If employees don’t see you around, they will think you are not serious about the business yourself. Hence, there is no reason for them to take the work or themselves at work, seriously. Therefore, make yourself seen, heard, known all the time. It keeps the flow of the momentum rolling.

Pot luck or Luncheons

This sounds ludicrous at first, but is indeed an impactful exercise this is for team building. Especially, when the team is new. Employees know they have to get along some time down the line, it is best if they are given a reason to get along sooner than later. What better than food? Food connects people like no other, and nothing restores the faith of an employee better than seeing your seniors enjoying a delicious piece from biryani you cooked.

Team outing or weekend getaways.

Team outing and weekend getaways are two different things. The activity usually happens during working hours when teams go for a movie, or visit your new office location. Weekend getaways are planned well in advance to a resort near Bangalore with adventure activities. Weekend getaways give opportunities to employees to get to know the competitive side of their colleagues, and senior management can gauge leadership qualities among employees in putting them in different situations. It is a good way to make memories and get to know your founders up close and personal.

Resorts in Bangalore come with comprehensive packages for teams over a certain number of people. Some budget resorts near Bangalore also promote trekking, hiking, and living in tents.

Let’s take a look at some resorts near Ramanagara Bangalore that will serve as an addition to your trip to the Sholay hotspot.

The Gari Resort

Need a resort with great ambience and power packed adventure activities to try with your friends and colleagues? Gari resort is the one that you should make a go at. Located near Kanakapura, Gari resort is within 50 kms from Bangalore that offers fresh air, splendid ambience, and great hospitality without burning a hole in your pockets. It has reopened its gates post pandemic, allowing patrons to dive into the pool, rain dance with their friends, and get involved with team building activities with their colleagues.

The most fun part of the resort is the recreational activities surrounding the resort and the newly added horse riding for people who have never tried it before. The cherry on the cake is, all these activities come with the package. You do not have to pay anything extra for the adventure activities.

Activities available in The Gari.

  • Zip line
  • Horse ride
  • Pipe Bridge
  • Burma Bridge
  • Wood Cross
  • PG Ladder
  • Commander walk
  • Multi Vine
  • ATV Quad Bike Ride
  • Unstoppable Cross Bridge
  • Wood Cross
  • Single line Bridge
  • Burma Bucket
  • Triangle
  • Commando Work

Note: All the activities can be performed with a purchase of coupons at Rs. 250. Most coupons get you four activities against one. However, Zip line needs a single coupon worth Rs. 250/-

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The property can house up to 200 people, making it an ideal family place for occasions such as weddings, engagements, Mehendi, Sangeet, bachelor, and bachelorette parties. Patrons can make the most of the place, using its facilities and activities after the ceremonies are over. Or, who are we kidding, during the ceremonies because we understand that they get boring sometimes. The possibilities of taking part in activities are always there. Whether it is daytime or evening. In the evening, activities come in the form of flashlight games.

To know more about everything related to Gari, click here.

The Cassava Retreat

This resort is by far the most interesting ones among resorts near Ramanagara Bangalore category because of its distance from Bangalore..

The Cassava Retreat is a delight for those who seek balance, harmony, and stability in the wild, and for those who seek comfort in adventure. It is a perfect hideout for Business meetings and awards and recognition in the outskirts of Bangalore. Family events, are some of the best USPs of this budget resort in the city.

We still do not have the free will to do a lot of things. People cannot go out without masks in public and everyone is recommended to wash hands at all time. Taking care of our people is still the priority, taking good care of their everyday needs and gifting them the gift of our company on weekends with a small weekend getaway to a resort near Ramanagara Bangalore sounds like a good idea you can get behind. For families and colleagues, The Cassava Retreat is the brand that will stick for a longer time in all their suggestions and every time they wish to go out. It makes a perfect weekend hideout, away from the clamour and hubbub of the city.

It is one of the most desired for resorts in and around Bangalore and has developed a niche among business and families, by keeping up with the standard of the resorts in Bangalore.

Adventure Activities.

  • Triangle
  • Commando Work
  • Pipe Bridge
  • Burma Bridge
  • Wood Cross
  • PG Ladder
  • Unstoppable Cross Bridge
  • Single line Bridge
  • Zip line


  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor Games
  • Outdoor Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Kids play area
  • Bon Fire
  • Rain Dance

Palm Meadows Resort

Ramagondana Halli, Varthur Rd, Phase 1, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

Palm Meadows extends over 5 hectares of humorous greens that can easily reinvigorate any thought levied by the city’s exhaustion and its monotonous actions.  The best time to get to The Palm Meadows is because the property is so huge and green that you could drop in a few degrees at night. The unbelievably beautiful pool is surrounded by cottages which can provide a sunbathing spot and a cosy dip that’ll make you happy and content to be a part of the magical experience.

Visit the place with ones that important and ones you hold dear. They will surely like one of the best resorts near ramanagara Bangalore. You will be welcomed with great hospitality, customer service, food, ambience, a lounge, and candlelight dinner.  Witness some of the best hospitalities in Bangalore. It has to be one of Bangalore’s best resorts of all time, equipped with some state-of-the-art facilities amenities that will make you forget your home and responsibilities all the same.

The Eagleton Resort

Address:  Mysore Highway, Shyanamangala Cross, Bidadi, Mysore Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562109

This must have a place among the best resorts near ramanagar Bangalore. It is as quiet as it gets in Eagleton. The peace we seek in the mountains are often found within the city boundaries. It is Eagleton Resort. It offers and delivers more than you ask for. A place with all kinds of luxury that you can imagine.

Imagine a resort attached that comes with golf course. A serene place that allows you to play the game that is played in silece. Eagleton The golf village is planned for a diverse array of perspicacious people who are seeking a unique cultural identity. Accompanying the award-winning 18-hole international standard championship golf course, resort, and golf academy is a thriving residential enclave finished with all modern amenities, facilities, and a virtual galaxy of activities to suit the needs of every member of your family.

It is a beautiful location for a quick weekend getaway for Bangalore residents. The property is well-kept, and the staff is polite and respectful. There are numerous activities available for people of all ages. You are surely going to have  great time on the squash and badminton courts. 

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