Five-Star Resorts near Bangalore

There are five-star resorts near Bangalore: sounds fancy until you dig deep and find the most interesting activities offered by them. Then, it is even fancier and something to look forward to. It happens to the most of us. We need holidays. We need time to recuperate. It happens almost every time our mind gets exhausted and sends early signs to our body to step back and make some in-house decisions.

Every time we find something new worth trying, we go about it. We start to think about it and romanticize it to the point that it almost becomes filmy. We imagine ourselves sitting by the swimming pool with a drink by the side, with a cigar in our hand, and looking at people enjoying themselves in the water. Or, maybe playing catch underwater and climbing the ridge nearby in a single breath and doing the victory dance as we reach the top of the summit. Acing all the games and leaving your friends behind in all activities sound fancy. Going an extra mile and taking a shot then jumping in the pool for a photo session or somersaults or, doing the Avengers assemble scene in reverse for your friends on Instagram.

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Our Imagination runs wild as we get closer to doing something we have been waiting for a long time. It is indeed the most quietening part of being on the edge all the time. It could be as simple as sleeping on a fresh linen, a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day. Feeling of being loved. The distinct smell of the first rain as it hits the soil, waking up realizing it’s Saturday and you don’t have to report to work. Going on a walk and coming back with a clear mind. Finishing a tedious assignment after a long day and crashing in your bed, face first. Or, putting your children to sleep on time before they wake up for a day out with you, moving your car as soon as the green light hits so the person behind you does not honk.

Lastly, making someone you adore laugh to the point they have tears in their eyes. The simple pleasures in life that we do not talk about but realize how much they matter in our lives: to keep us going, to let us living a healthy life, and not fixate on things that we may not even remember in a year’s time. Small things are the root of bigger things. Take a dip, go on a two-day holiday to your favourite five-star resort in Bangalore and celebrate your birthday with your loved one. Quit overthinking.

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Many people, including the person writing this, overthink almost everything we say or do in a day. Overthinking: some of our most important chores and rituals before sleep. Overthinking almost always leads to overcompensating, making up scenarios that may not even exist in real life, and uneasiness. It is more about staying away from problems than solving them. The thoughts just won’t shut down, and you keep going back to your past mistakes and thinking about the consequences, incessantly. Dealing with constant downpour of thoughts is most likely to cause lack of sleep. Again, root of all stressors and impulsive/bad decisions.

Ask Questions

Imagine you had an interview call with one of your favourite companies. On the call, you were asked a question about your approach to tasks with tighter deadlines. Off the top of your head, you answered the question with the best of your knowledge and experience. The day you could think of where you were assigned a task on a time-constraint. The interviewer liked your answer and asked you a few follow-up questions. All went well.

However, after the call, a few minutes later, you start to recall the conversation. “There was more to it” you think. “I could have given a more fitting example to standout” you argue. Then, you are swarmed with negative thoughts and how the interviewer would have perceived it. Whether they will take your anecdote seriously. The whole act becomes about what the interviewer might feel. Not your response.

The one thing that helps in such situations is that to ask questions. To deliberately ask questions such as, “did I have enough time to come up with a better response.” “I was on the call, and had to make an impression, I did what I could.” You also have to remind yourself that this was not the last interview. Better opportunities will come your way in the future, and the only way to make that happen is to keep working towards it and cause it.

Change the environment

Time travel isn’t possible yet. It will not be possible in our lifetime. Until then, the only way to make peace with the past is to accept it and not repeat the same mistakes in the future. It is the first step to self-awareness. If you feel that having too much tea causes you acidity, then, as tasty and aromatic the tea is, put a cap on the number of cups in a day. It becomes more habit-forming when you notice it being a part of the local pop-culture. You start to think there are people like you, and it is okay to be addicted to something harmless.

Productivity is the cost of mindfulness. Mindfulness is the cost of self-awareness. When you are aware of the situation around you can use it to your advantage to avoid the possible problems. A lot of times clarity isn’t found in the place you lose it. The only productive thing to do is get out and find solutions in the nature. A place where you can challenge your thoughts and question your choices freely and without any consequences. You must plan a temporary escapade.

Out of the many driveable places in Bangalore we could think of, we bring you five-star resorts in Bangalore where you will have all the time to yourself and your thoughts. Places where everything is provided in the right amount. In fact, better than rest.

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The Gari Resort

Address: No 211 Banandur village, Ittmadu Post, Bidadi, Karnataka 562109.

One of the much appreciated five-star resorts in Bangalore. The Gari Resort comes with a number of packages for your stay. Friends, family, colleagues, weekend getaways, team day outings, corporate events, and private events. Gari Resort expertizes in all programs along with additional services included in the package such as action and adventure games, both indoor and outdoor. Swimming pool for adults and children. Playing area for kids and green dewy meadows to walk on winter mornings.

It is located within Bangalore boundaries. You can reach the place within one and a half hours and expect the most fun with activities and rain dance to bring out the moon walker in you on the dance floor. With a mix of good music and fresh air, you are most likely to dance more than you ever have and end up lounging in the swimming pool in the evening. Here’s a list of all the fun activities you can take part in the Gari Resort.

Activities available in The Gari.

  • Zip line
  • Pipe Bridge
  • Horse ride
  • Burma Bridge
  • PG Ladder
  • Wood Cross
  • Multi Vine
  • Commander walk
  • Unstoppable Cross Bridge
  • ATV Quad Bike Ride
  • Single line Bridge
  • Wood Cross
  • Burma Bucket
  • Triangle

Day outing package.

  • The Gari Full package:
    Starts from Rs. 1399 per adult and Rs. 699 per child.
  • Duration: 09 am to 10 pm.
  • Package includes:
  • Seven adventure activities, six low rope hanging activities and archery.
  • Pool access, rain dance, use of standard facilities of the resort.
  • Floodlight games for Rs. 699 per hour on Fridays and Saturdays between 07 pm to 10:30 pm.

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Olde Bangalore Resort

Address: No. 206, Utopia Layout, Tharabanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka. 562157.

What good is the word nostalgic is if it is not used to describe the Olde Bangalore resort. It is only the most pocket-friendly resorts in Bangalore for wellness and traditional hospitality.

Coming to Olde Bangalore gets us back to the Bangalore of days of yore, sluggishly and lazily. Rise at the first light of the morning to the bird’s song and feed in to the sound of silence. The ultimate destination adorned with luxuries exist not that far away from your house in Bangalore. It exists except in Olde Bangalore. The experience of seeing the sunrise from your room and having a cup of tea is what the Olde Bangalore resort promises and delivers so exotically that you’d want to visit repeatedly.

The immaculate edifice dazed with courtyard style architecture leaves a resplendent after-effect on visitors spirit who come here in search of peace, medication, and ayurvedic treatments. The accommodation tariff, although, the rooms might look like they will burn an excavation like hole in your pockets, it actually fairly reasonable. There are no recreational activities such as high-rope and low-rope games. But, you can surely be certain all of that is made up by the wellness centre. The place might give out the vibes of an old temple, but it is packed with state-of-the-art amenities.

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Golden Amoon Resort

Address: NH4, Old Madras Rd, Hoskote, Karnataka 562122

In contrast to other resorts, Golden Amoon Resorts & Retreats has some of the finest architectures and facilities for five-star resorts in Bangalore. The entrance is huge and virtually symbolic. The place is a literal representation of the hashtags such as #peaceofmind, #metime, and #chillandletchill, and all the other hashtags synonymous to them. 

It has the world’s Largest 66-foot-tall Egyptian statue designed to perfection, at the entrance. A perfect Instagram photo-op moment for those looking for picturesque locations in the middle of the Bangalore city. It insists and thrives in taking a different and unique conceptualization. The statue is a tribute to “Boy Pharaoh of Egypt.” Also known as Tutan Khamun.

The resort also has a cricket stadium that is functional for 24 hours, 365 days. It can accommodate close to 200 guests with 75 rooms and suites.

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The Cassava Retreat

Address:  No 144/5, 145/3, O B Chudanahally Road Off Kanakapura Road Vaderahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 56006

At the start of this blog, we talked about the various ways overthinking affects our decisions. Sometimes, to do things without giving a second thought is in our best interest. In order for new ideas to form, we must discard of old belief system and unlearn what we know. Breaking free from the mundane lifestyle to stay focused, and to pay more attention to the importance of its foundation. For that, you need a place that does justice to your handwork. A place that meets all the criterion, one that helps you forget the despairs of everyday labor and has your back while you work on the idea with the right people.

Green vegetation is the spawning place of ideas like sesame seeds. It is the pan in which the mind finds itself goes to pop ideas. Every idea needs to be encouraged, whether it comes in the form of devotion, or by meeting people intrigued in your vision and speaking. Fortunately, What better place than Bangalore. And what better resort than Cassava resort for your ideas. It is often listed as one of the best five-star resorts in Bangalore for team outing, corporate events, and seminars because of its larger size and bigger convention halls. You want to throw a pool party: this is the place to be. A family member wants a garden party for their kids: Cassava is the name of the place. A separate swimming pool for kids is the icing on the cake.

Interesting activities

  • Triangle
  • Commando Work
  • Pipe Bridge
  • Burma Bridge
  • Wood Cross
  • PG Ladder
  • Unstoppable Cross Bridge
  • Single line Bridge
  • Zip line

Amenities in The Cassava Retreat.

  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor Games
  • Outdoor Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Kids play area
  • Bon Fire
  • Rain Dance

All the above activities are included in the packages. You must check with the staff for the ones that aren’t included in the various packages they have to offer. This way for the accommodation.