Nature Resorts near Bangalore

Try to interact with someone who is a critical thinker, and you will realize there is more than one way to have fun. People, not that long ago, used to draw a blank when asked about what they do for fun, how they spend their time when they are bored. People often say travelling, but travelling involves planning, booking tickets, accommodation, activities, and exploring sites that aren’t on the map or google recommendations. Places such as nature resorts near Bangalore are some of the best places to have every fun in the list in one place.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a quality to analyse information with the help of data, sources, research, and questioning objectionably. It could be anything, your new boss, a new neighbourhood you wish to buy a property in. New stock or bond you are planning to buy. Critical thinking plays an important role in making the right decision. A critical thinker is a magician that works alone. That asks all the questions. They do not worry about the questions being right or wrong, or smart or stupid. The questions are never irrelevant because the answers always connect. The answers always give us a new lead that shines a light on more information, which further guides us to more questioning and more thinking. It might be exhausting at times, but it builds character and on top of it, curiosity.

For example, most of us have a bad habit that we’ve been thinking of getting rid of for a long time. A bad habit could be anything. It could be procrastination, coping with a break-up, alcoholism, excessive shopping, smoking, or even saving money. In order to be able to put in the work, one must first know what is on the line. Most importantly, what will happen when we continuously choose to do or not do the activity that we have been trying to avoid or include in our lifestyle. We must question our choices every now and again. It is important for our mental health and growth. Questioning brings clarity. Clarity means asking too many related and unrelated questions in order to break down the old pattern and embrace a new one.

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Once you attain some sort of clarity, your mind is ready to learn new concepts and develop a training program based on the new choices. That, in return, promotes creativity and improves productivity. When you are achieving enough in a day, and realize your maximum potential, you will be in a position to set realistic goals for the future which will not undermine your value or worth in your own eyes.

When you don’t undermine yourself, you give space for all kinds of thoughts to appear and react only to those that serve in the favour of your well-being. Opinions and ideologies are built on the plinths of thoughts that are a result of a sound mind. Yes, of course, there are people and there were people who were able to channelize the negativity of their minds into something cherishable.

Famous people who were crazy

  • Oscar Wilde
    • The one who walked on the streets with a lobster on a leash. Became famous for his work in literature.
  • Nicola Tesla
    • A famous electrical engineer and Physicist who hated rounded objects and fell in love with a pigeon and became obsessed with the number three.
  • Yoshiro Nakamtsu
    • A famous Japanese inventor who thought suffocating underwater would bring better ideas.
  • Sir Isaac Newton
    • We all know about him. He discovered gravity. He also devoted his life to developing a stone that would turn metals into gold.

These people gave us an ability to upgrade their lives just by reading, watching, knowing what they have gone through in theirs and what they have done for humanity.

It is also true that watching people share their experiences is not enough. We must be more and always strive to be a better version of ourselves. It is useful to lead us to a path, but once you are on that path, you are mostly on your own and motivation has to be sought within. People make decisions in their personal life that get extended to their professional life. Better decisions lead to better career choices. Better career choices mean you have a wealth of wisdom as well as finance.

It is said in the books of history how we benefit from quiet and being in the lap of nature. It helps us make better decisions after our mind has been eroded by noise and commotion around us. Considering where we live and work today, surrounded by electronic devices that control what we watch, what we buy, what we eat, which sportsmen or tournaments we like, which political party we support, one thing we must comprehend is that we must take some time off and gather your thoughts and clear off the clouded state of mind.

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The cities are concrete and we know it. A moment of silence under a tree is something we have forgotten. We miss breathing the fresh and rustling of the trees, but we are too blinded by the devices to realize that. Ignorance gives birth to observations. Rightly so, people have noticed. Businesses have realized that we cannot always climb mountains for rejuvenation. It is not always possible. Hence, people adventurous people who cannot or do not travel bring adventure home or closer to home. Nature resorts in Bangalore serve the same purpose. Some of the best resorts in Bangalore are built around verdant green vegetation to keep you cold in summer and warm in winter and extra comfortable during rains.

How great it would be to take a look at some of the best nature resorts in Bangalore. A place where our minds can take up arms with bad decisions. A place full of fresh air and dewy meadows, and people waiting to serve you the local delicacies and let you get involved in a number of recreational activities. Here goes the list of best resorts in Bangalore:

The Gari Resort

The Gari Resort on Instagram

Address: No 211 Banandur village, Ittmadu Post, Bidadi, Karnataka – 562109

Pet Friendly: Yes

Strength: 100 + patrons.

Alcohol: Not available.

Nature is in us, great philosophers say. There are stark similarities between humans and nature. We are more similar than we are different to nature. Just like the changing weather affects our mood, it affects nature too. The trees bloom and shed leaves, respecting the changes in nature. We both alter it and get altered by it. The fact that we get altered by it is the point we go back to it in seek of peace and to feel one.

Gari Resort is a place made by humans to get closer to the true course of nature and view it in abundance. The Gari Resort is a place where men have created tools for people to come by and make the most of without harming mother nature in any way. The place is whipped with good times and grassland all over. There are plenty of activities and, in fact, water to dive into whenever we feel like it in the form of a swimming pool. The kids have a separate pool where they can learn and enjoy time with their siblings and parents.

If you need a weekend getaway, Gari Resort is the perfect place to lose yourself and gather your thoughts at the same time. It fits the best of both worlds. Collaboration with nature is always adventurous. Be it in the form of hiking, climbing a mountain or simply sitting by a water stream and revisiting beautiful memories of the past, and planning our way into the future. Families can come for a reunion and celebration of various events such as engagements, birthdays, weddings, christenings, bachelors, and bachelorettes. Above all, the best natural resorts in Bangalore to be hand in hand with nature.


  • Zip line
  • Pipe Bridge
  • Burma Bridge
  • Wood Cross
  • PG Ladder
  • Commander walk
  • Multi Vine
  • ATV Quad Bike Ride
  • Unstoppable Cross Bridge
  • Wood Cross
  • Single line Bridge
  • Burma Bucket
  • Triangle
  • Commando Work

Accommodation in The Gari Resort.

A/C Dormitory accommodation.

  • Price: Rs. 2464 per person (including tax)
  • Check in time: 01 pm
  • Check out time: 11 am
  • Price includes: Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast.
  • Seven adventure activities
  • Six low rope activities
  • Archery
  • Camp fire
  • Magic and mind reading (happens only on weekends)
  • Flood light games (complimentary only between Monday and Thursday) otherwise Chargeable at Rs. 699 per hour.

Palm Meadows Resort

Address: Ramagondana Halli, Varthur Rd, Phase 1, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

Pet Friendly: Yes

Strength: 200+ patrons.

Alcohol: Available

What attracts most people to this resort is the fact that it is located smack in the middle of the city and still manages to offer quietude that many of us climb mountains and chase the morning sunlight for. The ambience of this place accelerates your creative thinking. If you are also someone who romanticizes stars, moons, and the fragrance of nightingales, you’d surely visit this place.

Palm Meadows is spread across a humongous 5 acres of greens that can rejuvenate any mind enervated by the exhaustion the city and its tiring tasks lay on you. The place is a gift waiting to be unboxed before it leaves some remarkable on you and your loved ones. The most recommended time to come to The Palm Meadows is always because the property is so huge and full of greenery that you might experience a drop in a few degrees at night. The incredibly gorgeous swimming pool is surrounded by cottages, a place to sunbathe and if you are lucky, to go skinny dipping.

Visit the place to have fun with your significant other, and you will witness some of the best hospitalities in Bangalore in terms of customer service, food, ambience, lounge, and candlelight dinner. It must be one of the best nature resorts in Bangalore, but is equipped with some of the most technology-driven facilities and amenities that feel more than home and less than a resort. It surely calls you back once you had the opportunity to visit it.

To know more about Palms Meadow Resort, visit here.

The Cassava Retreat

AddressO B Chudanahally Road, Kanakapura Road,Vaderahalli, Near Art Of Living Bengaluru, 560062

Pet Friendly: Yes

Strength: 150+ patrons.

Alcohol: Not available inside the premises.

Some electronic devices don’t work for a minute, and our go-to solution is to strike it on our palms or slap it a few times, after that it magically starts working for longer than we imagine. Case in point, the remote control of our TVs. Every time it does not work, we give it a nice smack and it starts changing channels as if it wasn’t dead a few seconds ago. We don’t know what happens, but it works. We all have done that, and some of us do it instinctively. The smack technique works for our minds too. The only difference is that we have to smack it with the hands of a weekend getaway and fall straight into the lap of nature: The Cassava Retreat.

Some places you go to, you don’t know why, but you go to those places for the vibe and the ambience. The food and service are secondary. It is just a priority for the people in Cassava to make sure you are served the best of foods and get the hospitality that you pay for. They are into all sorts of fun activities for every occasion. It has the best arrangements for bachelor parties and birthday celebrations with your friends and colleagues. A perfect weekend getaway with your kids and spouse. Cassava, one of the nature resorts in Bangalore for being yourself completely.

Adventure Activities.

  • Triangle
  • Commando Work
  • Pipe Bridge
  • Burma Bridge
  • Wood Cross
  • PG Ladder
  • Unstoppable Cross Bridge
  • Single line Bridge
  • Zip line

Accommodation Packages

  • Luxury A/C rooms:
    • Price: Rs. 2000 per person.
    • Price includes:
      • Access to the swimming pool.
      • Rain Dance.
      • Use of standard facilities of the resort.
      • Seven adventure activities.
      • Six low rope activities.
      • Archery.
      • Lunch, Hi-tea, and
      • Dinner.