Everything you should know about corporate team outing.

Everything you should know about corporate team outing.

What is Corporate outing:

Corporate team outing is for companies what honeymoon is for couples. Only difference is corporate outings are a lot more fun :). Jokes apart, it can be defined in to two. One, the team manager wants employees to have fun after a busy quarter by taking them on a weekend trip to a resort. Two, company organises a huge team outing near Bangalore for all of its employees. Every team or a department is allocated a yearly/quarterly/monthly budget for refreshments or events which can be spent either all at ones or multiple times. Some companies offer a budget then insist the team managers to reimburse the amount spent from the finance team.

Similarly, companies hold award ceremonies, rewards and recognition programmes for all departments that come together one evening for a yearly corporate event in a resort or a hotel depending on the budget. These parties are massive, happen on a large scale and the most fun because you meet and greet different people which is otherwise impossible and also get to know of new and emerging talents not only in your team but across departments.

You see your colleagues’ different side. Those who have impressive talent outside of their product skills. People with immaculate guitar skills, incredible foot movements, and melodious voices. Award ceremonies are full of surprises even with respect to the number of employees your organisation has. The award ceremonies are stitched with different performances such as dance, stand-up comedy, drama, and other fun activities followed by the CEOs laying out a strong road map for the coming year and any plans of expansion.

Activities in corporate team outing:

Start-ups nowadays approach resorts near Bangalore for corporate events that have a motley collection of group activities, individual sports, quiet for those who in need. Companies prefer places that are slightly in the outskirts away from the city crowd to give their employees a complete experience. Also, because there are some Pocket-friendly resorts in Bangalore they can completely rely on for a good time.

Some of the group activities that you may find on a corporate day outing in a resort are as follows:
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Carrom
  • Campfires
  • Swimming pool
  • Barbecue
  • Rappeling
  • Zip line
  • Pipe Bridge
  • Burma Bridge
Some corporate team-building activities that may be helpful for companies.
  • Karaoke
  • Dumb Charades
  • Improv Comedy
  • Blindfolded pot challenge
  • What’s my name?
  • Balls and Buckets
  • Daredevil
  • Guess the objects
  • Singing songs
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Truth and lies
  • Truth and dare
  • Gossip

Or simply makeup your own games. The team will zip along.

Why to choose corporate outing:

Employers choose corporate team outing in resorts near Bangalore for many reasons. Just like while going out we have a lot of things running in our head like, if you are looking presentable enough, do you need a shave, what colour shirt will go with the trousers, what your body language should be like to ensure maximum attention and, how will the crowd react to your topic of discussions. But before all of that you do a mood check for yourself. There is a barrage of questions your mind asks itself before allowing yourself to step out, so you can be on alert all the time.

It is for the same reason companies choose to organise corporate team outing for their employees – so they can put them in a situation of freehand to gauge their reaction under different/extreme circumstances. Resorts near Bangalore have a myriad of adventure activities which help bring out the competitive spirit of people along with teamwork, resilience, persistence, and ability to unravel. And most of the times, companies too wann you to just sip a Piña Colada in a shack of some exotic resorts in Bangalore of your liking on their expense.

How corporate outing help companies:

Employers look at company team outing as a way to know what their employees expectations are and the fact that by moving them away from their desks, they’d be able to bring out new ideas. Breaks are important for people. Whether you are an employee or a freelancer, your unconscious thoughts tend to surface in to generate new ideas and decisions. Ideas flow easy because the change of the scene relaxes the tension generated by work.

Employees are hard workers. Its with their focus and determination, company’s reputation is built and its able to yield the set results. If the focal point of employer is only result and stats at the end of the month, then employees will soon reach burn out stage causing them to lose focus and even work fatigue. Corporate team outing is not just fun and games but they help employees’ realise that they are part of something bigger. That their voice matters.

They are as much a part of the company as the person next to them. This kind of motivation amounts to employees using their expertise to the fullest – to learn, discuss new ideas freely with their teams, and open up to new challenges to ensure the company goals are met. When an employee feels secured, they are more likely to discuss issues/ideas or thrown in suggestions in an open forum during the team outing with managers.

Why companies spend on team outing:

“Train people well enough so they can leave, Treat them well enough so they don’t want to!” – Richard Branson.

Resorts in Bangalore for corporate outing offer activities that help team to understand each other better. You learn about teamwork, your strengths and weaknesses by participating in activities that challenge you as a person and learn the same of your teammates who are also your co-workers. Games like cricket, football, volleyball require level-headedness, team coordination and individual performances that helps employers navigate around your approach with your team in strategizing the game under pressure and how well you are able to cope with things when they don’t work in your favour.

Companies spend a lot time and resources in making sure employees coordinate and communicate with each other better. They also have specialised training programmes just so team members can communicate effectively and understand how clear communication is key to achievimg the set results. A trip to a resort in Bangalore with your team not only will destress them but also help establish a strong relationship with within the team which eventually gets displayed in their work. Also, transparency between employees be it at work or a team outing will finally translate in to great individual performances and team results which will eventually help companies to reach their end goal.

Other activities to engage during a corporate day outing:

The questions are endless if companies have the time to reconnect with their employees and their lost energies to come back to work. Corporate team outing near Bangalore is the only way to rehabilitate employees in their working state after eight months of turmoil.

Some questions that might help companies reconnect with their employees during a corporate day outing in Bangalore:
  • What challenges did you face whle working during the lockdown?
  • Do you think work from home is a better idea than working form office?
  • Did working remotely affect your productivity? If yes, what did you do deal with it? If no, how?
  • Were your parents/spouse in the same city as you during the lockdown? If no, what did you do to cope with it?
  • You think you can do a better job by working from office?
  • What activities did you do as a family to pass time during the lockdown?
  • Did you learn a new skill?
  • What new habits have you formed?
  • Is your sleep schedule better than before?
  • How long did you take before coming to terms with the lockdown situation?
  • What are some of the fondest memories you made while at home?
  • Who are you most grateful to?
  • What’s that one show you discovered during the lockdown that you are proud of?
  • How have you changed as a person?
  • Are you familiar with your mental health?
  • How would you like 2021 to be?
  • Where would you like to travel in 2021?
  • What’s the first place you would want to travel after things go back to normal?
  • Do you think we should still plan our lives ahead even when sometimes it never goes as planned?
  • How prepared are you for 2021?
  • What are somethings you have noticed about your company during the lockdown and wish to change?

These are the best questions I could think of. It is fundamentally necessary to get to know your employees’ preparedness to work in an office setup before going at it with full force. Book an exotic weekend getaway to The Gari Resort and get an early-bird discount. Let them get tied to nature and hug trees before they begin working again. They would open up and recoonect with their colleagues far more quicker than they would do in an office set-up. If you are a CEO, take some time to breath the fresh one last before your business gains momentum and you’d barely have time to look anywhere else but your laptop.

To conclude:

Team outing is still fun with all its back stories and agendas. When a company organises a corporate team outing near Bangalore for new and old employees to connect with each other, it clearly means your employer thinks about you and wish to see the you grow along with it. It doesn’t always have to be grand. It can be a cozy weekend getaway away from the city with your team near a campfire, listening to them one by one.

Bangalore is one of the largest cities in India and the way it welcomes startups and new businesses to open their wings is unsurpassable. Fresh ideas are brewed every day at every corner of the city just as fresh beer is brewed. With the number of start-ups emerging during and after the lockdown and with the ones that are re-gaining feet, it is evident that companies have the need to know all about their employees’ stories during the lockdown. Their losses, their gains, what they learned, the bad habits they could get rid of while at home, good habits/skills they developed in their free time, and how they were able to balance work and personal life, and what they needed changed after coming back to work.

Parting note:

Climate change. Something that we all are familiar with but most often rebel against unknowingly almost every day. No matter how prudent we are and carefully we spend each day making sure we are hurting the planet little less compared to the times when our knowledge about the climate change around the world was close to zilch. Corporates nowadays have become rigorous with their handling of global warming and it evidently shows in their approach. Many companies in Bangalore have adopted a no-plastic approach along with signs around offices to conserve electricity by switching off the computers, lights, and charging points when not in use. Even when they are planning a meeting or an annual party they approach hospitality partners meticulously for a corporate team outing near Bangalore to ensure the resorts or any other facility for that matter shows the same level of diligence.

Resorts in Bangalore are well-informed now. All thanks Ngos that work day in day out educating them about the horrors of climate change and how the damage will be irrevocable in a few years. In hotel industry, staff are trained to take proactive measures to reduce emission or carbon impact. They issue a notice beforehand to companies requesting them to adhere to some rules in the favour of climate improvement and play their part in not using plastic bottles, mugs, and utensils that cannot be recycled or have no biodegradable value.

Corporate team outing is one of the most interesting activities companies come up with as a part of their yearly programmes. Increasing number of companies choose to go on a corporate trip in Bangalore, to resorts that bring their employees closer to nature by including them in adventure activities instead of parties that have to depend on liquor to fuel the adrenaline.