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Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party

Do you want to host the perfect Bachelor party in the lap of mother nature?

Is your wedding budget cutting into your plans for a Bachelor party?

Get at least a 10% discount with The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road!

Give your singlehood the farewell it deserves.

All associations in life start with a celebration. Your wedding is the biggest association of them all. Welcome it with a Bang! Choose Cassava!

The countless philosophy quotes that never made sense to you before will now start to sound relatable. Friends that bragged/complained about their life having changed after marriage will be glad to have you in their circle. The good times you don’t remember having. Memories you now live only through your friends will make way for better moments. Even the poor decisions you make will not be yours alone.

Hereinafter, You, the soon-to-be-wed will have in-laws to chill with most of the time and get busy planning holidays, having kids, spending some quiet time with your significant other while abandoning plans with anyone else. Bachelor party makes that transition easy.

The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road makes the transition easier and memorable!

Get Cassava Retreat to arrange the final briefing with your bros and soul-sisters to understand what it's like to be married. Being married is festive on its own and bringing the house down a little only makes sense so you can move on from your old life. Do it with swag with us. Take to the air for the last time before you hit the ground running.

There are no holds barred. No end to what we all know as freedom. You celebrate being single one last time. The value it holds in your life. You wouldn’t want the night to end while reminiscing over the vivacious life you’ve had. Take some me-time with The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road as you embrace the hustle and bustle of the wedding.

Bachelor parties consist of friends from the same gender. It is an introduction to marriage. A passage that leads to adulthood, maturity, and a responsible life. Married life will bring a lot of vulnerable moments as you get to know your partner, the bachelor party is where you get the last one with your friends. Bring your wolfpack into the wild and relish each drink before you put on the ring. Make the one-day event historic with Bangalore’s favourite budget resort, Cassava.

If you are an independent person or stayed away from your family because of work or education, then you know bachelor parties pretty closely. You have been to some of them and realise just how fun they are. Staying with parents, having a sleepover at a friend’s place was an excuse to stay with your friends a little longer. It meant staying up once in a while and playing drinking games without them coming to know. Bachelor party gives you an opportunity to revisit those stories with your friends at The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road.

Regale your friends with stories from different phases of your life while sitting by the fire. Don’t forget the guitar.

Feel free to choose your own theme. Else, let us help you choose:

The Pyjama party

Why should boys have all the fun? Bachelorette is about painting the town red with your bridesmaids. The besties who had your back all the time. Celebrate the day with your BFFs by the bonfire at one of the best resorts in Bangalore for Bachelor parties, The Cassave Retreat. Let the cold breeze tousle your hair as you dance by the fire with your girl gang and enjoy staring at the start from the comfort of your tent when birds sing lullaby.

Drink till the thought of alcohol makes you barf

Why the H word not! Marriage changes a lot of things whether we believe it or not. You will not dunk your face in the bucket again or chug it straight from the keg while hanging upside down. Or, dance like no one is watching after a round of shots. This is your chance to be free-spirited again. Organise a crazy costume party, put on a mask, get some fancy bachelor party props, and let all hell break loose. If that sounds exciting, take it a notch higher with Cassava’s adventure games and activities such as rain dance, outdoor and flashlight games. Book our camping package here.

Don’t hold back

What happens at a bachelor party stays at the bachelor party. This must be a cliche but it is a 100% truth. Do not hold back on celebration. It’s your pre-wedding night. This is the last time you can blame alcohol for anything and get away with it. It's your party. Get wild. Dance on the table, give your friends a group hug. Stay hydrated and have a proper meal so you can put all the guests to sleep. Get The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road’s buffet lunch/dinner package which includes not only food but a host of other activities and access to some interesting facilities with open-air space for hosting the legendary night.

The great outdoors awaits you and your friends. Free from all the stress and work-related clamour. A resort within 25 kms away from Bangalore with great amenities accompanied by tasty food and interesting activities.

Dive into the swimming pool and warm up with a game of volleyball or indulge in adventure activities throughout the day with your friends. Book Cassava’s camping package and bond with mother nature as you recount old stories, experiences, from the good old days. The thought of marrying could be unnerving. Cassava Retreat will help draw your attention to something completely opposite, exciting and fun to remember for life.

Give your singlehood the farewell it deserves. Book your stay with The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road and watch honest discounts, complimentary food and a long list of activities coming your way.