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Pool Party

Pool Party

Does water call you often?

Do you feel the need to jump in the swimming pool at the end of the day?

Organize a pool party that nobody asked for!

Why? Cause you don’t get to jump in a pool everyday in Bangalore, that’s why!

Pay only for what you wish to use. Rent a swimming pool at The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road.

It is the only deal in Bangalore with add ons.

What Makes a Pool Party great?

Quite often when we think of throwing parties, we think of pubs, eateries, theme restaurants, or plain and simple - just throwing a house party where guests carry their own booze while the host arranges food, accommodation, go bonkers with the lights and decoration, and dedicate a separate sink for the ones who might not remember anything the next morning. For them, it would probably be the “last time” they do something crazy. But we all know the drill.

We all have had that bad hangover where we promise ourselves to not go on a bender ever and even the thought of alcohol makes us barf. Keep your booze close but your friends closer at nights like these cause they are ones that make the pool party great. They are also the ones that will embarrass you your whole life with the video they shot of you doing unappetizing things that night. All of that is part of the bond. It comes with the package. Just like Cassava’s pool package comes with extra add-ons and compliments.

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It's the company you keep. It's the friends that make the pool party legendary. Just like friends make everything else great! Other than that, it’s the venue you choose to host the pool party you are imagining in your mind right now while reading this.

You are thinking of a place where you can take under-water pictures, stand behind each other to create a human domino effect video where everyone tilts to the pool one after the other. Maybe you wish to take it up a notch and let your imagination run wild and do the Avengers Assemble swimming pool challenge with your friends. You are also thinking about somersaulting and clicking what is about to be the most liked pictures of you on Instagram.

There are very few swimming pools in Bangalore that let you be ridiculously free in and around the pool such as splashing water on each other, play water volleyball, act like you and your friends are deep sea explorers, jump the way you want into the pool (imagine diving like you flip a coin), and race with your friends.

The most amazing swimming pools in Bangalore come with mandatory accommodation and restrictions. Meaning, all you can do is calmly sit in a pool on a hot summer day. They are all inside hotels and complexes where you’d feel more self-conscious and uncomfortable to do things you’d otherwise try had you the entire swimming pool for yourself.

We bring you exactly what you need!

We set our hearts on a tiny little thing called memory!

We wish to be a part of the many memories you make with your friends and talk about for years. We wish to be a part of the time-honored phase in your life you call fun. It’s the little moments that create lasting impressions. Sometimes doing things for no reason turns out to be our wisest decisions.

Let’s manufacture memories.

We recently learned that a human mind is biased towards negativity. We are attracted to negative thoughts more than positive ones. So in Cassava, have made it a point to help create only remarkable and lasting memories. Since the negative bias is next to impossible to stop, the best thing is to create more positive and effective memories.

It’s the service that we charge for but memories are free.

The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road is one of the best budget resorts in Bangalore for pool parties. Only for pool parties if you’d like. It is on you to decide whether you need accommodation along with pool access or wish to rent just the pool.

It’s always best to plan ahead keeping in mind everyone’s needs with their schedules. Once you have checked with all your friends and relatives, you can let us know of your arrival so we can arrange everything for you. After all, there is no fun in any party without our favourite people.

Although the food served in the property will be a balance of healthy and not so healthy, we recommend you give as a heads up beforehand about your choices in snacks. Since most parties at the pool start at the daytime and can go on for a long time, it is important to stay hydrated and well-fed.

Ensure you carry the following things for your massive pool party:

  • Sunscreen: It’s not a girl thing. Caring about yourself and your skin is not necessarily assigned to one gender. Taking care of yourself is the new Macho.
  • Swimwear: It is not recommended to enter the pool without a proper outfit that suits the occasion. It’d be difficult for our staff to let the guest in without swimwear.
  • Waterproof phone cases: Phone and a camera are needed to capture the candid moments for the pool party. Underwater pictures and boomerang videos will take Instagram by the storm #colossalincassava
  • Accessories: No pool party is complete without under-water glasses, towels, pool party props such as pool floats, pool noodles, or lifejackets (just in case).

You can be in the pool anytime of the day but a well known thumb rule is to party before the meals so you don’t feel bloated right at the beginning. If all your guests schedule matches, you can start before lunch.

A pool party so cool you’d want to experience it for the first time again. You’d wish if you could delete that part of the memory and relive the party just so you can have as much fun.

Get in touch with us to learn what we have in store for you. Beat the heat with The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road’s pool party. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #colossalincassava