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With the touch of love, everybody becomes a poet. And with the touch of marriage, everyone, a preacher!

If all you hear in your sleep are wedding bells and horses then your wishes have been granted. Your search for wedding resorts in Bangalore is finally over. What you are about to do is set on a journey of commitment, companionship and togetherness. And you cannot do that if you yourself have to bear the brunt of the tedious preparations the wedding comes with.

It should be a crime to go through wedding preparations all by yourself.

Regionally known as Wedding, Kalyanam, Vivaha, and Nikaah, Indian weddings are an age old tradition carried out over a period of three days giving families ample time to spend with each other and in laws to pull each other's legs during celebrations. The occasion ignites the unspoken bond you have with your family

Exploring budget resorts in Bangalore is one of the most devitalizing endeavours for your wedding since the funds you lock for the venue will take away a big chunk from your savings if done heedlessly. A sudden change in date could turn out to be expensive.

Cassava Resort offers easy-to-book Banquet halls in Bangalore, and flexible wedding packages because we understand that change of dates could come in play.

Upholding the tradition.

All that glitters is indeed gold!

Marriage is not only a physical union. It is a gift you give yourself to celebrate your and your partners small victories every day along with the heirloom of memories. Marriage proof that you are on the right path in life. Cassava Retreat believes in the sanctity of Indian weddings and values it holds in our culture.

Whatever takes place in your wedding will be talked about for years and passed to younger generations. Cassava Retreat ensures those memories are cherished. It is the best place in Bangalore for a traditional Indian wedding of your desire. It offers a variety of themes and games while understanding the significance of marriage.

We understand you want to feel and look your best on your wedding day. The theme of your wedding accentuates your wedding outfits and serves as a backdrop for ceremonies.

We help you choose the best theme for the most important day of your life.

Do you want a Royal wedding? Or, go with something breezy and lighter colours? Or go with an eco-friendly, outdoor ceremony with no or minimum waste? Or are you simply not able to pick one?

Our experts will make it happen.

Indian marriages are a long affair. Any wedding in India needs at least one to three days depending on the number of functions families need finished to make sure the couple will not come across any obstacles in their marriage life, before the final ceremony. It consists of some of the most interesting ceremonies and Cassava Retreat is at the forefront of all of them:

South Indian Wedding

  • Nichayathartham
  • Haldi
  • Gauri Puja
  • Mangal Snanam
  • Kashi Yatra
  • Maalai Matral
  • Kanyadanam
  • Mangalsutra
  • Talambralu (Showering each other with rice)
  • Saptapadi

North Indian Wedding

  • Haldi
  • Sangeet
  • Tilak
  • Baraat
  • Kanyadan
  • Jay Mala
  • Vidaai (Send off)
  • Reception

Wedding Specialties.

  • Traditional Hindu South Indian wedding
  • North Indian Wedding
  • Muslim Wedding
  • Christian Wedding
  • Parsi Wedding

Food and Cuisine.

  • North Indian Cuisine
  • South Indian food
  • Any other regional dishes available on demand

About the Venue.

The wedding boutique is one of the most Instagrammable resorts in Bangalore.

It's a photographer's muse!

The outdoors are simply a majestic and perfect location for a pre-wedding photoshoot and taking candid pictures that will amass your memory vault and take you back to the magical moments that you would not remember otherwise.

Organizing a wedding can be a tiring task. You have to arrange everything: right from garlands, decors, guest schedules, busses and vehicles for guests to arrive at the location. At times, even the flight and train tickets for close relatives whose presence is most important in the event.

From welcoming them at the wedding to ensuring their comfortable stay, Cassava Retreat offers a beautiful environment to get you through the biggest day of your life hassle-free.

We want you to feel the fresh breeze and the fragrance of flowers you felt on the wedding day even when you look at the photos a decade later.

Cassava Retreat arranges just about everything for you to make your wedding day magical and memorable. You are only a phone call away from telling us the time, date and the style of your wedding and we will take it from there.

  • Open Air wedding
  • Indoor wedding
  • Air conditioned rooms
  • Water View
  • Swimming pool access
  • Outdoor Reception area
  • Pet friendly
  • Playing area for kids
  • Indoor and outdoor activities for adults as well as children

Indian Weddings are the most fun events in a person's life as it brings everyone together. The long lost cousins, the uncle you have not seen but only heard of in conversations, your childhood friends you haven't met in a long time, and your office colleagues. Everybody blesses the event with their presence to wish you good luck for the next chapter of your life.

The venue you choose plays an important role as it complements the feel of the event and adds to the mood of the guests. Any place you choose as a resort for weddings in Bangalore should ennoble harmony, joy, beauty, and excitement in your guests. After all, your wedding will be talked about for decades to come.

For a perfect Indian wedding, you need to ensure the basics are in place.

  • Hospitality
  • Venue
  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Food/Cuisine
  • Decors
  • Car parking space
  • Security
  • Surveillance

With the Cassava's wedding package, you have taken care of the basics through us. We will make sure your wedding sails through all the rituals without running into issues that would eat up your time. All you need is to focus on preparing guest lists, booking tickets, and getting your wedding outfit ready. For everything else, you have us!