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Mehendi Venues in Bangalore

Mehendi Venues in Bangalore

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All we need is a reason. A reason to get together. A reason to be happy for our family and the people that matter to us. A reason to rekindle fond memories of the past. Our culture brings all the reasons together in the form of weddings. Mehndi is one of the rituals among the myriad of rituals that takes place during the course of the wedding.

It’s a day full of colours, muffled giggles, and playful jibes.

Mehendi is the most exciting ritual of the traditional indian wedding. The ceremony lasts the whole day and comes as a respite for the bride amid all the running around. It is centered around women of the family. Much fun ensues when the event is coupled with dance performances and traditional songs.

It is believed since the time of ancient India that the darker the colour of mehendi on your palm, the deeper the bond you share with your groom.

A herb that’s embedded into our tradition so deeply that we dedicate a whole day applying it on the bride’s hand and feet as a way of wishing her a healthy and a happy married life. The henna is usually sent from the groom’s house along with wickerwork baskets of lively flowers and colourful fruits. Celebrate the day in The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road with your girl gang and dance to the beats of dholak and harmonium.

Mehendi is the beginning of the many festivities to come
Dance your way into your wedding with Cassava’s mehendi package.

We recommend AC rooms because we need to have the time of your life while not getting embroiled in the outside heat.

Book the entire wedding package and get unrivaled discounts with squeaky clean amenities and most liable facilities. The swimming pool is open for you to jump in at any time of the day. There is always a person deployed to ensure the kids are safe. We have an ample supply of indoor games such as carrom, table tennis, etc that will keep kids engaged for a good amount of time. Especially, when women are on the hop with the celebration.

Henna is a full day custom. The application itself takes over an hour before the drying process begins. First goes the bride then other women in the family. It's always the woman who knows how to apply, takes charge but with changing times and for the need of perfection, the observance is conducted under the guidance of henna experts.

Every tradition has a different design but preference knows no religion.

  • Indian Mehndi design
  • Pakistani Mehndi design
  • Western Mehndi design
  • Indo-western Mehndi design
  • Arabic Mehndi design
  • Moroccan Mehndi design
  • Punjabi Mehndi design
  • Gujarati Mehndi design

Indian Mehndi design is elaborate and intricate. It has different intricate detailing depending on the occasion. Weddings have some fun details It projects the wedding and indian tradition. It has Kalash, dholak, palkis, bride’s face wearing a traditional attire and groom’s name very subtly hidden within the design. The groom then is given at least three chances to guess his name or initials in the design during the post-wedding ceremony.

All hands on deck (quite literally) with the wedding, we understand how infuriating it is at times when you forget a tiny bit of detail which would have made your Mehendi ceremony stand out if you had enough time to think and communicate with the right people. It could be as simple as booking a perfect venue. A simple search for good resorts in Bangalore for mehendi would have landed you in one of the best resorts in Bangalore for celebrating mehendi.

Think of a resort. Think of Cassava.

Take some time out for an out-an-out fun filled mehendi ceremony with your sisters and girl pals to one of the few budget resorts within 25 kms from Bangalore to celebrate the day that is known as the soul of the wedding. In some traditions, it is said that even the grooms wear mehendi on their palms for the same reason as women. It is not as elaborate. The design resembles a doodle. It is thought to be auspicious.

Our elegant open air area with a rivulet running through the property is enough to make the guest stand in awe as they arrive. Speaking of arrival, our hospitality is the most delicious and we spare no effort to welcome our guests with warmth, sincerity, and delectable food. Because food is important. It's the one thing people will talk about after their feets get tired from all the dancing.

Whatever your choice of cuisine is, we forage through the best dishes available in your budget and give you what we call after achieving the balance between heart and soul - Excellence!

The Cassava only works with chefs who are passionate about cooking and their skills. Chefs who embark on a journey with curiosity and step off with finesse.A perfect recipe needs a perfect something. It is there or it isn't.

It gets nervous-some as the wedding day gets close. We feel so anxious for you, we have even started making up words. Start the sacred bond of wedlock with us and you will have not one but seven less things to worry about.

Worry - Zero

You - Seven

You Get your perfect wedding getaway today. Book the resort for your mehendi.Reach us for quotes: +91-9606504545‬