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Engagement Venues in Bangalore

Engagement Venues in Bangalore

You must be so happy that you reached here. We are happy for you!

Allow us increase your happiness manifold by giving you a thronging and blissful engagement event.

Offers, discounts and fun to come your way!

What’s a wedding if not the most memorable event of your life and what’s an event that does not begin as an engagement that is at least remembered for a long time. It is an event that will get all your friends, family, colleagues in one place and all of them will come together to celebrate as you set foot into your married life. Everyone will come to celebrate as you formalize the union by exchanging rings. That in itself is a bigger responsibility and even higher expectations to live upto.

The onus is not only on you. It’s on us too.

Engagements are not just ring exchanging ceremonies nowadays. It is a day for everyone to have fun playing games, singing, performing, and shaking legs to some great bollywood party anthems and getting to know each other well. It gets more interesting when you introduce a theme for your engagement for all your guests. It could be a light coloured theme, a fairy tale one, a forest themed party, bollywood-based, or simply an outdoor engagement with eco-friendly decors and zero use of plastic.

Ideas are too many and the day is just the one

That day is the only day you get to make your engagement the event of the year.

Get in touch with our experts to set a budget for your engagement day. Cassava Retreat is one of the most favoured budget engagement resorts in Bangalore. It is highly imperative to look your best in your ring ceremony and to not have an aesthetic spot with good lights for pictures is little more than a crime. It’s a crime and a half! A hashtag homicide! A selfie-cide

Our incredible outdoor venue makes for a failsafe sundowner engagement ceremony followed by a DJ party. If sundown is a little too early for you then make a grand entry with your better half as your friends pull party poppers on you from each side. It’s a moment to never forget.

You and your significant other will look the cutest on your big day as you click pictures in one of our outdoor photo stations. If you insist, we will build one or get someone who can! It’s your engagement. We are as much a part of it as you are. We will water the flowers till they look at the brightest and leave no stone unturned to make your day as Barney says, Legendary!

It’s an engagement. That does not mean it should look any less grander!

Turn your engagement into a forest themed adventure with Cassava’s overnight camping package. The correct term to use is glamping. All the facilities and amenities will be provided to you while also making sure guests experience camping to its fullest. You get the best of both worlds!

If you are worried that the unpredictable rains in Bangalore will steal your thunder, let us assure you that the tents offer ground level protection. The rain waters will not come in the way of your celebrations at the best budget resorts for engagement in Bangalore. We take responsibility for the whole set up. Should things go off rail due to the weather for so much as a second, our wedding troopers will swing by to bring back the smiles.

Feel the bliss

Look at the sky and see magic

Sleep under the blanket of stars.

Not many people get to host their engagement beneath the constellations.

Stay different with Cassava’s flexible engagement package and give your to-be-spouse a unique, most romantic, fairy-tale like ring ceremony that they will remember for the longest time. It is not only romantic but the most auspicious thing to do.

Pledge to marry your partner under the stars.

As the nightingales approve your vows and the fragrance of nightly flowers bless you with their fragrance, you betrothed your better half with a promise to look after them forever. The special bond you create in the presence of the moon and all the celestial bodies in the night sky will forever make the air fresh everywhere the wind takes it.

Warm rays of the sun will make your engagement more fun.

Outdoor events are fun. When you realise there is a room you can immediately go to when the afternoon gets gruelling, it gets easier. We understand your need for suitable accommodations during warm seasons so we made the outdoor arrangements more delightful, bright, vivacious and fitting for guests to not wear themselves to frazzle in summers.

Children will have ample of activities to take part in while adults host the ceremony for the bride and the groom. The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road has indoor and outdoor games to keep children and a lot of adults occupied for most part of the day.

Activities in the Cassava:

  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor Games
  • Outdoor Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Kids play area
  • BonFire
  • Rain Dance

Ceremonies are the same across religions with minor difference in rituals and the style and language in which prayers are said. Some engagements take place for exchanging rings while others happen to announce the date of the wedding in the presence of both families after which everyone takes to food counters to feast. We are with you in every step of the way and all the way to the end of the wedding.

Ensuring you have the biggest day of your life in theory, not just on papers, lie our competence. We take all kinds of engagement bookings from all traditions and regions. If you’d like, we’d arrange everything to make your engagement the talk of the town at least for a long time.

Get in touch with us today to know what we have in store for you. Only good things!