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Birthday Party

Birthday Party

What would you do when you realise you are getting a year better?

What would you do if you realised you were more established than last year?

You are a year younger, wiser, smarter, and full of wisdom. Share all of it with your friends at The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road.

We celebrate with you so you can make the world a better place for another year and many more to come!

Birthdays are yet another excuse for friends to come together and celebrate. Except this time, they lift you up, and wish you luck for the coming year by kicking you until your….face turns red!

Instead of giving them a chance to kick you after a few drinks in their belly, why not give them a chance to throw you in the swimming pool while singing the glorious birthday song as you splash into the water?

The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road is one true resort in Bangalore for birthdays which will make sure you host a perfect birthday party. There is more to the day you were born than just squandering money at each party you throw for every group of friends separately.

We all know sometimes it is not possible to be everywhere on your birthday, cutting birthday cake, toasting, and eating with every group of friends. Not until hologram technology is made available for all of us. Till then, make the best use of our resources and services!

Bring all of your friends together at The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road’s private birthday party. Start the new year with the people you love and the ones that love you back.

There are many more years to come, many mountains to climb and seas to cross, and as you progress in your career, you will meet new friends. Your birthday is the day all your friends get to see who you grew up with and who you work with. Get to make fun of you, share stories of you from when you were a kid or when you worked with. Don’t give them that chance!

Get them to The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road, let them have fun taking part in all the indoor as well as activities. The games are so many, they will have no time to gossip about you

Activities in The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road to turn your day from better to splendid:

  • Triangle
  • Commando Work
  • Pipe Bridge
  • Burma Bridge
  • Wood Cross
  • PG Ladder
  • Unstoppable Cross Bridge
  • Single line Bridge
  • Zip line

Activities in The Gari Resorts Kanakapura Road to turn your day from better to splendid:

  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor Games
  • Outdoor Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Kids Playing area
  • Bonfire
  • Rain Dance

Summer is not the most awaited season in India since most parts of the country are usually hotter than the rest. If your birthday falls in summer, you are most likely to throw your birthday bash in cooler places such as a pub, an air conditioned restaurant, or a house party in the evening with light music so the neighbours don’t get disturbed. Forget the light music if the birthday falls on a weekday. The neighbours need to sleep. There will be a silent meet and greet after the cake cutting and in case there are drinks, people will need to go home early so they don’t get late for work.

Summer is a perfect time to hit the pool with your buddies. It is very unlikely to bring all your friends together given everyone has different schedules, everybody’s priorities change as they grow old but birthdays are the only occasions people usually prefer showing up to because they are fun and filled with friends you don’t meet otherwise the whole year. An event that gives everybody a chance to band together.

Birthdays make pool parties even better and memorable. It is a perfect way to show gratification to your friends and family. Spend your time playing catch in the pool or walking pipe bridge while your friends cheer you up from the ground, or get on a quiet walk in the arms of nature with your significant other pondering on the life you have lived and the kind of life you will live going forward.

The resort is here to make your day worthwhile. Most importantly, the resort is at your service so you can make the world a better place by experiencing life your way for another year and many many more to come.

Come on board with The Cassava’s accommodation benefits for your birthday. It is one of the most reasonable resorts in Bangalore to celebrate the gift of life, beautifully placed in nature’s lap, it services people from all walks of life trying to look for some solace beneath the starry skies - devoid of pollution and the city clamour that does not let a day by without you wanting for some quiet time.

Get in touch with us today so we can quickly arrange the best time you will ever have!