Places around Bangalore for photography nerds

The end as they always say is a beginning in disguise. An opportunity to reshape our lives, maybe by asking questions about what we learnt from the experience, how it changed our approach in the future. The end is also an outlet to take stock of the situation and go back to doing the same mundane things we were once […]

Guide to plan your holiday during the Pandemic.

Here’s the thing about the Covid-19 situation: we all have been overwhelmed with the kind of information that keep popping up in the media. Sometimes, the media overjoys on hearing the vaccine has been found in Russia believing the President’s daughter has herself tested it and deemed it useful. And other times, it completely sidetracks the growing number of positive […]

Best things to do in Bangalore.

Bangalore is one of my favourite cities in India. Coming from a person who was born and raised in Mumbai, it sounds a little unfair to my home city. Having said that, I am fond Bangalore. It has helped me grow as an individual and as a professional. I often hear people ask me, “what you didn’t find in Mumbai […]

Is it safe for you to travel now?

Remember the time we used to step out of the house just to network with likeminded people. When we didn’t have an agenda for the evening but knew we will have a great time anyway. That seems like a decade ago, right? Questions that are confusing us most of the time since the government lifted restrictions: Is it safe for […]