Resort near Bangalore within 50 kms

Resort near Bangalore within 50 kms

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Sometimes the world approves what you do. Sometimes it doesn’t approve a single thing we try. Especially, when we make difficult choices and try to shape and adjust our reality based on those choices. It takes a toll on our mental health. At times, it gets evident on our face, expressions, and our day to day behaviour. Our friends, more than anybody, know what’s wrong. Then, our close ones. When it finally comes down to that, take a break. Maybe visit a resort near Bangalore within 50 kms to recuperate and develop the ability to take the positive so you can keep going.

Resorts are brilliant. It’s a superb place to chill. Most resorts near Bangalore are built away from the city, surrounded by green meadows, guaranteeing some of the most peaceful experiences. Not only that, some resorts near Bangalore offer more than just stay. Its an experience they sought out to provide for family and friends and colleagues who work together and wish to have fun over the weekend or plan a corporate event. It could be anywhere between corporate parties to annual rewards and recognition programmes. Resorts are all in one, and they work out to be the best option when people in large numbers need to gather at one place which is obviously not a workplace.

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Swinging between work and personal life does have a catastrophic effect on our relationship with ourselves and those we hold dear. It my not happen in the short run but it starts catching up as we grow older and take up more responsibilities with marriage and children. Having said that, it is not a cake walk for people with lesser responsibilities either. They have just as much, if not more. Making decisions is tough, it’s great that you don’t have to make all of them by yourself. Some just need a simple Google search and there you are looking at the some of the best resorts near Bangalore within 50 kms.

Believe it or not, every day is a battlefield. The stock market’s volatile behaviour changes employer perception on a daily basis. Investors are on the edge, fearing the market might crash any day. Employees are on the edge, fearing they might get fired any day. People at home are scared that they won’t find the job they need and have to stick with the same or less salary.

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Potential employers are still giving excuses of the pandemic so they don’t have to pay more salaries to employees that are in need of jobs. Jobs that will put food on their table. Employment has become so necessary that candidates are willing to compromise on their pay package. Privilege is a myth. Being privileged is no longer a fancy sounding word where people with sufficient needs could sit back and relax. They are just at anxious as everybody else.

It might not be as bad as you read here. But, the panic of the third wave and new variants finding their way in our cities and towns and villages is agitating businesses and newcomers who wish to make a mark and take the country’s revenue forward instead of backwards with their looming ideas and new breakthroughs. Things have started to fall back in place for some. Some industries are finding their feet. Yet, others are still on the fence. The government plays fast and loose with the idea of cryptocurrency, making it difficult for budding entrepreneurs to make the most of it.

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Hence, a man or a woman needs, or rather deserves some time off. Even though, we have just gotten back from the whole work from home scenario. Especially, then. That is because the compromises we made in the wake of the Covid lockdown has to be made up to. Which makes total sense. It also makes sense that Covid-19 is not going anywhere. It is here to stay. Just like cough, cold, and tonsillitis. The virus will mutate and we will take booster shots after shots in order to keep ourselves healthy and protected from the imminent danger.

Shutting shops is no more an option. Following the protocols is. Doing your bit is. It is fair to say that we have bigger problems to deal with at the moment. Like the crashing economy. Hence, movement is necessary. Going to work, making plans with your friends and colleagues is important in order to keep the local economy going. That’s how the country makes progress. When you purchase from your local shop or a vendor. When you visit a place that is owned by a local samaritan.

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Resorts near Bangalore offer a barrage of options right from birthday parties to engagements and marriages to Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. Some even have the tents and camping options. Without wasting more time let’s leaf through some of the most reasonable resorts near Bangalore for you and yours.

The Gari Resort

Garu Resort makes every holiday and life event fun. It’s a haven for those seeking adventure, quiet, and comfort at the same time. It is a great excuse, rather an escape from the daily routine and the mundane things we do consistently throughout the week.

Gari not only hosts weekend getaways but it is very well known in the corporate circuit for hosting huge corporate events and team outings. We are naturally drawn to things and places that are proactive when it comes to taking care of our needs before we even say it. Gari is one of those places where you can stay put or go on an adventure spree and all the prerequisites will be in place. It is situated not that far away from the city corridors. One of the few resorts near Bangalore within 50 kms of distance. Easily reachable and well-maintained.

The best time to visit the place is, anytime. You can literally just drop by with your friends or colleagues and there will activities to take part in, games to play with your friends, both outdoor and indoor, and flashlight games to play.

Read on to know the activities available in the Gari Resort.

  • Zip line
  • Horse ride
  • Pipe Bridge
  • Burma Bridge
  • Wood Cross
  • PG Ladder
  • Commander walk
  • Multi Vine
  • ATV Quad Bike Ride
  • Unstoppable Cross Bridge
  • Wood Cross
  • Single line Bridge
  • Burma Bucket
  • Triangle
  • Commando Work

There is absolute privacy in every accommodation you choose to stay with your friends or your family. Whether you are married or a couple. The most exciting accommodation option in Gari is it’d tent settings. It is well maintained and carefully placed in the outer area of the site.

Tent options in The Gari Resort

  • Price: Rs. 2128 per person (including tax)
    • Check-in time: 01 pm
    • Check out time: 11 am
  • Price includes:
    • Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast
    • Magic, Pottery, and mind-reading (happens only on weekends)
  • Floodlight games (complimentary only between Monday and Thursday) otherwise Chargeable at Rs. 699 per hour.
  • 10% discount if booked for more than 20 people.

Next up is yet another exicitng resort near Bangalore within 50 kms.

Aura Kalari

Address: Aura Kalari, #68, Maple Meadows
Gurukulam Road, Chikkagubbi Village
Kothanur PO, Karnataka 562149

There aren’t many times that we get defeated by the sheer beauty of a place or a thing or a vibe. It just so happens that sometimes we stumble upon something so out of the world yet so ordinary and within the reach that we can’t help but wonder how and why that happened. And, that the place or a thing has a lasting memory: no matter what we do, no matter where we go, we always recall that place either to share a beautiful moment or being up a strong yet fragrant and fresh memory.

Aura Kalari is like a home calling you back. Like the earth smiles in plants, it smiles in its harmony. It started in 2014 with the idea to promote solace away from the cacophony or the city and its people. Yet, the place is drivable. It is about 22 kms away from the city.

One good thing about the place is its food. You can choose what you want to eat whenever you want to eat. There is no specific buffet or lunch or dinner time. Visitors can literally call up the cook and ask them to cook something fresh for yourself.

Besides the various accommodations available, the place also promotes workshops for photography and pottery, music sessions, meet ups, storytelling sessions for children and adults, Archery, study tour for children and several other kid friendly and adult activities.

To know more about the place and its accommodation access, click here.

Shrishthi Village


Address: Nerige village, Sarjapura hobli, Near Gunjur, Anekal taluk, Bangalore – 562125

There is nothing in this world that compares to a bit of quiet in the lap of nature. Sometimes, fun and activities are just as distracting as work or business. All we need is some time our with your loved ones and live in that moment and make peace with ourselves. At the end of the day, all we want is to be at peace with work and what we like to do in general. It does not mean we should hate the job we do. It simply means we need a break and that in order to contribute we need to get away for a while.

Shrishthi Village, as the name denotes just that. It offers solace. Spread across 6 acres of land, surrounded by teak and sliver wood trees, to bring you closer to nature and all its resources. Besides the serene atmosphere, it comes bearing a number of facilities during your stay. You can host a massive family function and call your friends to your birthday party or get them to be a venue for memorable events like weddings and Bachelor parties.


  • Outdoor Party Area
  • Sukriti Banquet Hall
  • Resort – The Chalets
  • Mehindi & Sangeet Area
  • SAR Samruddhi Convention Center

The Cassava Retreat

The Cassava Retreat

Somethings happen to you and you become so adjusted to the new reality that it becomes a part of your personality. It could be a place, a new job, or a house. You know from the first time itself that it will be a huge part of your life and also, it will be a part of all, if not most decisions henceforth. We hate to talk about it, but it’s the aura or the vibe of the place that sticks. People connect with the place from the word go.

You don’t even have to try or make efforts for it be that way. You know in your heart that it is not something you have lived or experienced before. That is what Cassava experience feels like. It make itself a part of all your decisions in the future. Whether it is a simple office party for the weekend or a huge half yearly or annual celebration where there is dance, food, drinks, awards, performances, and games. You’d need Cassava’s magic to shine its light on you.

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The Cassava magic is not only limited to office parties or team outings. This place, sorry, resort near Bangalore within 50 kms, also helps you carry out memorable events such as leisure holidays, engagements, Mehendi, Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, outdoor weddings. You must visit the place to experience the Cassava magic, no matter the occasion, it is reasonable and fun.

Read the list below carefully, to know the accommodation facilities.

Packages for accommodation.

  • Camping Package: Price: Rs. 1100
  • Price includes:
  • Access to the swimming pool.
  • Rain Dance.
  • Use of standard facilities of the resort.
  • Seven adventure activities.
  • Six low rope activities.
  • Archery.
  • Timing: 01 pm to 11 am.
  • Luxury A/C rooms: Price: Rs. 2000 per person.
  • Price includes:
  • Access to the swimming pool.
  • Rain Dance.
  • Use of standard facilities of the resort.
  • Seven adventure activities.
  • Six low rope activities.
  • Archery.
  • Lunch, Hi-tea, and Dinner.
  • Timing: 1 pm to 11 am.
  • Non A/C rooms: Price: Rs. 1900 per person.
  • Price includes:
  • Access to the swimming pool.
  • Rain Dance.
  • Use of standard facilities of the resort.
  • Seven adventure activities.
  • Six low rope activities.
  • Archery.
  • Timing: 01 pm to 11 am. .

The packages include food, depending which one you choose based on your budget. There are discounts offered year around