What is Camping?

In today’s busy lives, hustle-bustle of everyday lives, every aspect be it individuals, families, friends including organisations look for options to take a break away from the regular life for leisure and recreation. There are innumerable rejuvenation options available depending on one’s budget, purpose, group size, time availability etc. One of the significant rejuvenation activities that is trending today is […]

What is Team Outing?

Today’s organisations, be it a Government organisation, Public Sector Units, Multinational Companies, local companies, small and large business units, from whichever industry segment they are a part of, are witnessing an over-hauling in all spheres. From the overall functioning to innovation, to continually working to deliver best products and services, to becoming employee-friendly, each enterprise takes all measures to survive […]

Nine must-have essentials while travelling with tips.

Have you ever considered what astronauts take with them when they travel to space? How many essential items they are allowed to carry on a spacecraft, and what’s the weight threshold? Just like flights have a weight limit you cannot exceed, astronauts too are given a limited allowance with their luggage which are divided into three categories. As noted by […]

A complete guide for your first camping trip – Part II

PiƱa Colada Traveller. A term my mind conjures when I see people posting selfies of themselves from an exotic location or a camping trip. In an attempt to stay relevant on Instagram with the hashtags #wanderlust and #lovetotravel people end up doing the most embarrassing things and don’t mind going to any extent. If your idea of catching a sunrise […]